Dragon Tiger YY777 – Legendary Card Game, Online Casino Sweep

Dragon Tiger YY777 is a legendary card game at offline casinos. Currently, the game has appeared on the house’s online platform and received great response from the betting community. Many interesting things about this card game masterpiece will be shared below, everyone should not miss it.

General introduction to the game Dragon Tiger YY777

Mentioning Dragon Tiger means mentioning one of the “hot” card games in casinos today. At our YY777 , too, the betting tables of this game always have a large number of members participating in the experience regardless of night or day.

General introduction to the game dragon tiger yy777
General introduction to the game dragon tiger yy777

Accordingly, this card game uses 4 – 8 decks of cards mixed together, eliminating the Joker card. Then put everything in the small tray, each turn will draw 2 cards for both Dragon and Tiger sides. The task of the participants is to guess which side has the higher score. If they guess correctly, they will win and receive a reward from the house.

Basic Dragon Tiger YY777 rules that newbies need to know

Any card game will have its own rules on scoring and betting that players need to understand. And the same with this game, if you don’t know the information related to Dragon Tiger, this is something you should not miss:

How to calculate points of Dragon Tiger card game

This game has a slightly unique scoring method. Because we will only consider the value of the cards without caring about their quality. Accordingly, the value of the cards in Dragon Tiger will be calculated as follows:

  • Cards from 2 – 10 will have a score equal to the value printed on the card.
  • The smallest Ace is only considered 1 point.
  • The pieces J, Q and K have points of 11, 12 and 13 points respectively.
How to calculate points in the card game dragon tiger yy777
How to calculate points in the card game dragon tiger yy777

Basic bets of Dragon Tiger YY777

Dragon Tiger is considered a game with simple rules, the bets are also basic, not too many like other card games. However, the payout is relatively attractive and you should not miss it. There are 3 basic bets in this card game that you should know:

  • Dragon: If you predict that the Dragon side will have a higher score, bet here to receive a reward at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Tiger: On the contrary, in Dragon Tiger YY777, if you believe Tiger will win with a higher score, drop money into this box and receive a reward at the 1:1 ratio.
  • Tie: This is the Tie door on the betting table for those who predict the Dragon and Tiger sides will have equal points. This door has the highest payout of up to 1:8 for those who predict the correct result.

Instructions for participating in Dragon Tiger YY777 are easy to understand for new recruits

Now, we will go into the sequence of a complete Dragon and Tiger bet so that rookies can easily grasp how to conquer the game and start confidently:

  • First, players will have 30 – 40 seconds to consider choosing the betting chip and the corresponding bet they want to try their luck on. Just move the chip to the correct betting position you predict and you’re done, extremely simple. If you need to increase or decrease the amount, you can click “+” or “-” very easily.
  • The next step in the process of playing Dragon Tiger YY777, when everyone has finished betting and the allotted time is up, the dealer will take 2 cards from the tray and place 1 card on each side of the Dragon and Tiger sides.
  • Then, the dealer will turn over the cards of both sides and compare the points according to the rules stated above. The side with the higher card value will win and receive the bonus corresponding to the door they chose.

Experience conquering Dragon Tiger YY777 unbeaten

When looking at how to play the game through our above sharing, many people will surely think that this game wins or loses due to luck. This is true but not enough, because we can increase the winning rate and reduce the possibility of losing by applying some of the following tips.

Experience conquering dragon tiger yy777 unbeaten
Experience conquering dragon tiger yy777 unbeaten

Do not bet on Draw when playing Dragon Tiger YY777

The Draw bet is a bet with a very high payout rate, but that means the explosion rate is relatively low, much lower than the other two bets. Therefore, you should not try your luck at this door, the risk of losing money is extremely high.

You should conduct a Dragon Tiger prediction before betting

According to the experience of veteran players, predicting is a necessary thing that players should do. Based on the results of many previous bets, you will know which bets are most likely to explode, or what types of bets are coming out. Such as flat bets, 1-1 alternate bets, etc. Play according to that rule, you have a high chance of getting a big prize from the house.


Dragon Tiger YY777 has been a super “hot” casino game on our platform. If you are new to participating in online green nine, start with this attractive game of Cambodian origin to accumulate experience and conquer big rewards from the house every day.

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