Xmithie: “On this team, everyone wants to improve and is willing to make sacrifices for each other… I really like that.”

After qualifying for World’s with yet another org., Xmithie shows confidence in Team Liquid’s ability to defend their championship in Oakland and take that momentum with them to Korea.


What are you guys going to do to beat C9 with their 7 man roster and ability to change strategies midway through a series?

I think their strategies are somewhat similar even when they swap, but Goldenglue and Sven seem to have a better jungle mid synergy. We’ve been scrimming with them for a long time. Since we knew we wouldn’t play against them till the finals, we scrimmed a lot. We know how they play, and they obviously know how we play too, but I think we have the edge.

How does it feel to qualify for World’s on yet another team?

I don’t know how many it’s been, but it’s pretty nice always making it to World’s but it’s also… We [as a region] don’t really show up that well, so hopefully this year is different and we can perform well in the group stages.

As someone who has been to World’s so many different times and with so many teams, what do you feel like North America is lacking in preparation or mentality?

I think our mentality is good actually, but of course everyone memes about the Week 2 curse. We just haven’t adapted fast enough while other regions do adapt. So I think that’s just our versatility. As a region, we can’t really change our play style mid way through the season. I think that’s what we have figured out for this split, have different play styles.

Yeah, and you guys had the same roster at MSI/Rift Rivals, and it was tragic with the tie breaker at the end in May. But for World’s do you feel like you have a more solid synergy or plan than before?

Yeah definitely! I think especially at Rift Rivals the meta was so different and we couldn’t adapt that well. But on World’s stage, the meta is different, adcs are back obviously. And we play really well and know each other more now than the rest of the year that we’ve been playing with each other.

As a veteran player, you have made a big name for yourself, but you weren’t always known as the highest tier jungler. Do you feel like you’re still consistently growing and improving over the competition? Have you even reached your peak yet?

Reaching my peak is hard to say, I don’t really know.. All I know is I haven’t fallen off. I feel like I can still improve more and can always adapt to the meta Riot throws at us. Every team I’ve been in I feel like I can fit in pretty well, so in that sense, I haven’t ever fallen off. So even though I’m a grown old man, I feel like I can still compete with the rookies and everyone else.

You’ve been with most of your current roster before in years/teams past, what is different about this combination of players that might allow you guys to do better at this worlds than in the past.

I think the main difference about this team than my others teams is everyone has the same mentality to improve. Whereas teams before might have 1 or 2 people who were stubborn and satisfied with where they were. But this team, everyone wants to improve and seems like they are willing to make sacrifices for each other. I think that’s the biggest difference, and I really like that.

It’s good to hear everyone is willing to sacrifice things! Do you have any thoughts about the other two teams that will go along with you to World’s?

100 Thieves seems to have fallen off some, but I think they’re a better team than what they’re showing right now. So hopefully they keep improving and when we win Sunday, they show that they are worthy enough to go to World’s. Then I think C9 is probably one of the strongest. They beat TSM and got a bye, so they definitely look strong. And TSM has started to come back up, but it’s been a little bit late. So when we win [Finals] playing against C9, who knows? Maybe TSM will adapt, or maybe they just won’t make it to World’s for the first time.

I love the confidence. Lastly, how do you feel about Amazing as a jungler and peer? You guys have both been playing a similar amount of time, having ups and downs. Both doing very well recently. But also sometimes receiving harsh trash talk from the community throughout your careers. How do you feel about him as a player?

I haven’t watched much of their games, because in the regular split, they weren’t necessarily that amazing. I was watching a lot of FNC, MSF, and G2, but they have fallen off some. It’s pretty inspiring that he still plays at a really high level. And he helped bring his team from near the bottom to Finals, so I’m really inspired by him and proud of him for getting all the flak from the community and still holding his head up high. I’ve also felt that, so I’m proud of him.


Catch the Final match between Team Liquid and Cloud9 on Sunday, Sept. 9th at 2:00pm PST on the official LoL Esports page, Twitch, or YouTube. Also, catch the 3rd place match between 100 Thieves and TSM this Saturday, Sept. 8th at 2:00pm PST.

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