Xerxe about why he joined Splyce: “They came in last second, but I fell in love with the knowledge of their new coach. I thought to myself “I’d be so jealous if another player got to be coached by Peter.”

Splyce is currently in the process of building a European super team: The likes of Odoamne, Xerxe and Nisqy have joined the snakes, with Kobbe re-signing his contract and the team being in talks with Kasing as well. Additionally, they also signed the very succesful Brazilian/Chinese coach Peter Dun. We talked to their new Jungler Xerxe about why he joined Splyce, what he learned from his time at the Unicorns of Love and what he hopes for in the future. Enjoy.

Hi Xerxe, thank you very much for your time! First of all, congratulations on playing on the “EU dream team” that Splyce has turned into, consisting of Odoamne, you, Nisqy, Kobbe and Kasing. Is there any player that you’re really excited to play with specifically?

Hey, thank you for having me! I’m very excited for my new dream team. I can’t really pick a favorite among them as they all have very different personalities and they are very skilled individually. All I can say is that I met our support on Teamspeak a couple of days ago, and oh boy, he likes to talk. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together as a team.

Playing for the Unicorns of Love got you the Rookie of the EU LCS 2017 Spring Split award and you were able to play in the EU LCS 2017 Spring Split Finals as well. When you look back at your time on UoL, what stood out the most, both in terms of positive and negative aspects?

I tend to make the best out of every situation and this is the case with UoL as well. Of course there were ups and downs. As long as I can overcome my obstacles and improve both as a player and as a person, I’m happy at the end of the day.

The first split I really thought we had what it takes to win and we almost did. In the second split the team’s energy and drive changed and we were no longer able to keep up with the other teams.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and I will never regret being part of Unicorns of Love at that time.

What was your main reason to leave the Unicorns?

Honestly, I felt like the atmosphere in the team had drastically changed, especially in the last months. For me it’s very important to keep a positive vibe and be motivated as both of these things easily translate on stage. Another reason that added to my decision was Vizicsacsi’s departure. Ultimately, I’m very thirsty for knowledge and I’m always looking to improve but I felt like I had reached a certain ceiling in UoL, which made very uncomfortable. I’m happy I could shake off this feeling and I’m very enthusiastic for the future. I feel like I have finally regained my confidence and I can’t wait to play with Splyce.

Why did you decide to join Splyce specifically? Did you know that you were going to play alongside these amazing players beforehand or was there a different factor that convinced you?

The Splyce’s offer was surprising and came at the very last moment when I was already in talks with other teams. Upon the conversation with Splyce, I realized that the coach, Peter Dun, has impressive knowledge of the game and in that moment I knew that I want to work with him. All I could think of after the conversation was “I’d be so jealous if another player got to be coached by Peter”. It was love at first talk.

In all seriousness, I knew about the roster and it looked like one of the strongest in EU. Both these factors made me think that Splyce is the right team for me.

What do you hope to achieve with Splyce? Do you think that Splyce will be able to challenge for the Spring Split title?

This is always a tricky question, but I will try to answer it at the best of my ability:
Our roster is really strong, our coaching staff is really professional, every single member in the team is motivated and wants to prove himself. I truly believe that we can achieve greatness together. My main goal would be winning the splits and playing at MSI and Worlds. All I can promise is that I will do everything in my power to get there.

People have criticised you in the past for “only playing well for one split” or being a player who “only succeeds by playing non-meta but can never play meta”. What is your reaction to this?

I don’t mind being criticised for the right reasons but I feel like most of the things that were said were not entirely true. I played in EU LCS for 2 splits, but I don’t think I was able to show how good I am, which was frustrating at times. This is a team game after all, so sometimes you have to play what fits your the team the best, rather than for popularity or KDA.

It was funny and ironic to see that most of the “non-meta” champions I played became “meta” after a couple of weeks. I always felt like I was always one step ahead in adapting to the patches; I had a better grasp of the game than anyone else. Not everyone will understand, but all my picks were carefully selected and they weren’t just “cheese picks” for the sake of impressing or being different as I practiced them weeks in advance. I’m sure that in the future I will be able to show that I can handle the meta just fine.

Also, I will always do what it takes for me and my team to win and not so much for pleasing the crowd.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the Unicorns & Splyce fans?

I would like thank UoL’s fans for being so supportive and I hope they can still cheer for me and Vizicsacsi, obviously when our teams are not facing them.
As for the Splyce fans, I really hope they can make room in their hearts for me as their new jungler. I promise to deliver!

Thank you very much for your time!

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