WTSG – PGI 2018 TPP 3rd Place Press Conference

After yesterday’s matches you were 7th, how did you prepare for today?

Larsen: We didn’t change much for today as we knew about the mistakes of yesterday. All we did is watching the VoDs but usually, when we play tournaments we only focus on what we did and don’t care about the other teams.


You guys won two matches today. How does that affect you for the next part of the competition?

Larsen: It doesn’t change anything about our mindset. When you go into a game nothing else matter and you just take one game at a time. No matter if you do really good or really bad, it doesn’t really change the way you feel. We have eight games to play and when we get too excited we might get overconfident. You just gotta keep a cool head and just approach every game neutral. Not just that you won a game and you’re in a hype you… (laughs)
You wanna be very confident, that’s what I’m saying.


It seemed like you had some friendly fire during the game? I would like to know what happened there.

Larsen: Just bad at the game.

vard: Obviously we knew there was a guy in front of us so we were trying to throw grenades. I was aiming at the window but at the same time, the guy peaked so I moved to the side while throwing the grenade and it bounced back from the wall and knocked me out. Then Gaxy had a grenade in his hand as well which then it finished me. Everything that could go wrong went wrong.


If you could go back and change one decision from the last round, what would it be?

Larsen: We won the last round. We would play it exactly the same way!

vard: Three of us got knocked at one rock, I thought we would all gonna die there.


Have there been any teams that did better than you expected or those who you think did worse than they could have done?

Larsen: I was really surprised that 4AM didn’t place better. I had much higher expectations.


Did you guys practice TPP much going into this tournament or did you focus on FPP?

Larsen: No, we didn’t practice TPP at all.

Gaxy: We played only one public TPP game.


Do you expect to win the FPP competition?

Gaxy: Of course! And we gonna do it!


How are you gonna do it?

Gaxy: We will kill everyone!


Some of you are coming from Kinguin. How does the future for your team look like right now? Will you stay under the same name or are you looking for new opportunities?

Larsen: We are looking for a place where we can stay for the X amount of years that PUBG exists but coming up to this tournament there was no offer that was satisfying to us. We are really confident in ourselves and we believe we are one of the best teams in Europe and today we showed that we are one of the best teams in the world and we expect a contract accordingly to that.


What’s with the sunglasses?

(Larsen has been wearing mirror glasses throughout the press conference and takes them off)

Larsen: I like to be a troll, like to be funny. (laughs)

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