The Win Condition #1: How Team Liquid can beat 100 Thieves and Vice Versa

With “Win Condition”, Izento takes specific key games to determine what teams need to do in order to attain victory. This time around, we take a look into the NA LCS Spring Split Finals: 100 Thieves versus Team Liquid!

Know it alls

100 Thieves
Photograph taken by: Riot Games

We’ve watched 100 Thieves perform at a high level towards the end of the split, winning several games back-to-back and being the prevailing team to ultimately be the first seed in the Spring Split standings. One large question that many analysts have had about this team since preseason was, can they perform with so many veteran voices on one team? I suppose we have the answer to that question; yes.

100 Thieves have overcome their inability to close out games during the beginning of the season and have united in such a way that they shine through both the jungle and support position, all the while enabling Cody Sun to lead them to a victory if it should come to late game DPS.

We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn

100 Thieves
Photograph taken by: Riot Games

100 Thieves have proven they can beat teams with their superior team fighting and I don’t think that is any different against Team Liquid. Clutch Gaming’s LirA gave momentum to Solo in Game 4  against 100T, which proved to be effective for CG’s plan, but during Game 5, the focus bot lane didn’t have such an everlasting effect. Meteos seems capable in snowballing his bot lane and that might be their best win condition against Team Liquid.

Banning Caitlyn against Team Liquid could be a possibility, as TL play through their bot lane carry of Doublelift, especially since Impact is currently carrying the brunt of tank duty. Cody Sun isn’t shy at playing Caitlyn either, having had played the pick multiple times against opposing teams. The concerning thing is whether Doublelift will try to play Jhin, as we’ve seen how devastating that pick can be and how well TL play around Jhin, but Cody Sun has also been in that matchup as well.

100 Thieves’ Win Condition: Force Team Liquid to teamfight and reduce their options when it comes to setting up macro plays.


60% of the human body is made of water

Team Liquid
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You think you’re out of the grasp of TL until they pull you underwater again.

This team has been impressive towards the latter weeks of the split and their strongest point seems to be Impact. Since the meta has shifted more towards tank top laners, TL has seen a rise in proficiency and it would be unrealistic to see that it wasn’t in some part because of Impact’s ability to perform efficiently on these picks.:

TL should look to keep Impact on an island, as usual, and yet also strengthen their bot lane, as this will be a battle of which jungler can affect the bot lane to their utmost capability. Aphromoo is the leader of their team, but that’s not the reason as to why TL should focus the bot lane, because 100T have many other veteran options to determine what needs to be done. TL have functioned the best around the bot lane and particularly when it’s been the Doublelift show, so it could be too late to change the formula, no matter how predictable that may seem. There’s always a backup plan though.

Impact is in a prime position to carry during this series. 100 Thieves have shown time and again that they refuse to respond to side lane waves during their Bo5 against Clutch Gaming; TL need to punish this heavily. Rely on their own superior macro play to separate 100T from ever making a teamfight happen. Force 100T to spread themselves thin and prevent them doing what they like to do, ARAM.

Team Liquid’s Win Condition: Force 100 Thieves to pay attention to side lane macro.


We see 100 Thieves face off against Team Liquid Sunday, April 8th. My money is on Team Liquid though.

Izento’s prediction: Team Liquid wins it 3-1.

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