Who will get the EU LCS MVP Award? Here are some suggestions

The EU LCS Finals in Kopenhagen are fast approaching – even though we can only be certain about one team participating in them: Fnatic will either compete for first or third place, no matter what happens in the next weeks. But with shaky standings there’s a lot more to cheer for: According to the likes of Quickshot, the EU LCS has never been as competitive as this split – thus also making the MVP voting process incredibly hard.

So here are my suggestions, in no particular order.


The G2 Toplaner was arguably the biggest question mark in the eyes of many fans before the start of the split, but the Dane quickly established himself as one of the best Toplaners in the league – if not the best all together. It’s not just the statistics that are on his side; the recent G2 vs Unicorns of Love series showcased how much the human mountain can carry his team if needed. At the end of the day, it was his consistent yet effective splitpushing that broke the Unicorns’ neck. 


Let’s keep it real: Splyce’s Jungler has had a stand-out split, stealing Barons and Dragons for fun in the process. No objective is safe if you have to play against this Romanian:


Despite his fantastic clutch plays though, Xerxe additionally plays consistently well, usually being the key person to engage Splyce’s enemies together with Odoamne. Additionally, his Zac is pretty much target-ban-worthy.


What is the EU LCS to a lane king? Perkz had to completely revamp the G2 roster from scratch and has had decent success thus far: Winning against Vitality today would put G2 into a perfect position for playoffs. While his teammates might seem out of position at times, Perkz and Wunder were consistent forces, stopping their enemies in their tracks multiple times. When you think Perkz, you think leadership – potentially the most important quality you’d want to see in a MVP.


What is the EU LCS to a lane king? But what is a king to an Italian Stallion? The hottest contender for Rookie of the Split might even make history by receiving both the Rookie and MVP of the Split Award – with Jiizuke consistently being the most dangerous member of the Vitality squad. That is, until Minitroupax decides to flash over a wall to murder three opponents on his own. 


As you can see by the stats above, provided by the LoL esports statistics team, Rekkles is an absolute machine. But him receiving the MVP Award wouldn’t just be backed up by his statistics alone; his clutch plays over the past weeks have been nothing short of being phenomenal. Pulling the trigger against Vitality by nuking Jiizuke, carrying Fnatic against Misfits only for his first death being the only one in the entire game – this guy knows how to play League of Legends.

Remember, Rekkles is the only true AD Carry. Everyone else just plays marksmen.


MVP Awards have a very strong tendency to gravitate towards flashy players – which results in Support players barely ever getting any recognition. Kasing however would truly deserves this title. Not only does he lead Splyce with his decisive shotcalling; it’s seemingly so essential that when he was sick, Splyce genuinely struggled to perform in their scrims:

Even though Splyce’s lineup is very solid on paper, it’s not miraculous either. But what makes them succeed is their fantastic teamfighting and objective control – especially ever since they started to play the game before 40 minutes have passed! Kasing is the core piece to Splyce’s success – which should make him a hot contender for the MVP Award.

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