Who will get EU LCS Rookie of the Split? It could be closer than you think!

If you would’ve asked me, or anyone involved in the MVP-Voting process, a couple of weeks ago about who will win the Rookie of the Split award, the answer would’ve been pretty clear: Jiizuke all the way. The Italian Stallion shook the EU LCS Midlane to its core and proved once again why the region is known for this role specifically. Deficio even went as far as putting him 2nd in the overall MVP-Voting!

But in recent weeks, Vitality not only experienced a severe slump in their play, currently being 2-6 in their last eight matches, but other Rookies have properly stepped up their game. Maybe the community decided on the Rookie of the Split a bit too early.


In a recent interview with Freeze, which will be released one day after this article, he told me that Upset shows signs of “true greatness” comparing him to the likes of Forg1ven even. And Freeze is right: In both of their games against Giants Gaming and G2, Schalke put all their eggs in Upset’s basket – with fantastic success. He dismantled the EU LCS veterans Steeelback and Hjarnan on Caitlyn and Tristana respectively. Even though he regularly gets caught out overextending, Upset’s teamfighting abilities are sublime.


Ruin, the EU LCS top laner of Giants Gaming, smiles to the camera. Source: lolesports

At the start of the Split, Giants Gaming were denounced as a bottom-tier team; but after eight weeks of EU LCS action, they’re one of six teams that have their eyes on a spot for playoffs. A key reason for this is Ruin’s performance: The Toplaner showed immense confidence going up against the likes of Vizicsacsi, Whiteknight and Wunder, grabbing multiple solokills or towers whenever he needed to.

And his teamfighting is alright as well I guess: 

Are you a fan of Ruin so far? Make sure to check out this interview with Ashley Kang then!


Supports consistently get overlooked when it comes to MVP votings, but Norskeren has been nothing short of being a monster of a Rookie. The Norwegian, originally known as a Tresh-One-Trick, quickly established his presence with the likes of Braum and Tahm Kench. Norskeren is a playmaker and the team works like clockwork around him – in his last game against Vitality, it felt like he didn’t miss a single Morgana binding.


The Vitality Midlaner is the most hotly talked about Rookie of the Split for sure – partially because he plays with the kind of confidence that you’d expect from the likes of Febiven or Perkz. Even though he receives a lot of Level 2 ganks from his Jungler Gilius, his outplays are insane – all while melting the hearts of the EU LCS audience with his smile and laughter.


Even though Vitality haven’t looked as dominant in recent weeks, the blame never shifted towards Jiizuke. Very often, he was viewed as the only real danger on that team. He most likely won’t win the MVP award, but you shouldn’t be surprised if Jiizuke gets Rookie of the Split after all.


Last but not least we have Sheriff, the ADC of H2k. Even though the common narrative seems to be that H2k relied on Shook to turn things around, Sheriff was the key to success to the team’s recent wins. With precise positioning in teamfights, he was able to free-hit on Caitlyn and Kog’Maw all day long. Oh, and he also stomped Rekkles with Vayne. That happened.

As you can see, the Rookie of the Split Award has some really hot contenders – but who will make it at the end? Let us know about your picks by tweeting at us at @TheShotcallerGG !


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