What is ForellenLord, formerly the highest-ranked player in the world, doing today?

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Forrenlord The Elo God? I thought not. It’s not a story the EU LCS Midlaners would tell you.

For those of you that have been around since the very early days of League of Legends, the name “Forellenlord” should ring a bell: He was the first player in the world to reach 3.000 Elo, playing on EUW while doing so.

The German Midlaner also participated in the 2013 EU LCS Summer Split with Team ALTERNATE by beating Giants Gaming 3-2 – with a massive Orianna shockwave turning the game into his team’s favor:

Before that, ForellenLord was also a temporary substitute for eventual LCS superstar Bjergsen, playing because Bjergsen was only 16 and therefore too young to join Copenhagen Wolves as a LCS player. He only played two games for Copenhagen Wolves however, with CowTard taking up most of the play time until Bjergsen turned 17 and officially joined the team.

In an official Facebook statement by ForellenLord, he discusses his past years and relationship with the game. He has quit the game since late 2014, and eventually switched to DotA 2, a game he frequently streams on his Twitch channel as well. He’s currently ranked amongst the Top 300 Supports in the world in DotA 2.
You can find the complete statement below:
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