Wall of Support

The following ladies and gentlemen are true heroes of their time. All of them joined forces to financially support The Shotcaller on the mission to nurture esports culture and provide high-quality esports stories.



Chase Wassenar
Bjarne Brockmann
Guilherme Arten-Meyer
Faith Ng
Lais Sousa

Lars Naurath
Marcel Winning
Marco Kern
Sven Denker
Yanick Senn

Robert Evans
Stefan Hutzfeld
Tim Matzke
Chooi Yu San

David Köller
Camille Roux
Alex Dery Nell

Peter Andreas Wium Oelsen
Joe Nathan White
Krzysztof Bujniewicz
Timo Matter
Florian Poreba

Marc Moreno
BandofPonies Mom
Jaan Alboort
Diego Rodriguez
Your support for The Shotcaller would mean the world to us!
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