G2 Wadid: “Europe feels like home now. I found my place because playing League with Hjarnan makes my life complete!”

Hjärnan and Wadid turned quite a few heads when they played at ROCCAT; now that they’ve joined G2, it needs to be seen whether they’ll be able to fill the shoes of Zven & Mithy. We talked to the new G2 Support Wadid about staying with Hjärnan, him feeling pressured and whether he finally feels at home. Enjoy!

Hi Wadid, thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on joining G2 Esports! Be honest: How surprised were you when you received the offer from the team?

Thanks for interviewing me again! I’m really happy you guys are curious about my career and the new start with G2 Esports. To be completely honest, when heard that the best team in Europe wanted us on board it was a bit of surprise but not a huge one! I’m very confident in Hjarnan and I think it’s all because of him. We get along very well and we’re pretty insane duo. We decided to play together next season straight after the last season ended. First we just wanted to stick together no matter the team but when G2 Esports reached out to us we couldn’t be happier. Now we play in the best team in Europe, so I guess we are lucky 🙂

You joined together with Hjärnan. How important was it for you personally to stay together on Botlane?

It was one of the biggest priorities, you could even say it was my main goal. Hjarnan was sharing the sentiment. Like I said, at first we didn’t mind what offers we get but we didn’t want to be separated. G2 Esports was our best opportunity to play together.

You mentioned before that you don’t want to be seen as a “random Korean”. When you first came to Europe, did you feel like fans and players where a bit distanced because you are from Korea and do you finally feel home now?

When I started playing in EU LCS I understood that it’s important to bond with the viewers. It’s not about being from Korea. I just wanted to clearly show that I’m engaged and I’m not one of those Koreans who don’t even want to try communicating, even if it’s in simple English. Europe feels like home now. I found my place because playing League with Hjarnan makes my life complete! 😀

The two of you have to fill the boots of what has has been arguably the best Western Botlane of the previous years. Does that pressure you personally?

To be honest, I don’t feel any pressure at all. I’m just extremely happy because I can play with Hjarnan again. Obviously Zven and Mithy were the best duo in Europe last year. But we will be the best one this year. We just don’t care about what people think. We just go our way. That’s all.

You’ve now spent a few weeks together with Perkz and Wunder. How did you experience the them as teammates?

They are just so good!!! They have a great mindset and it feels like we are all on the same page. Can’t wait for that clown from Poland as well! xD

What are your personal goals for the upcoming split?

My first goal for the upcoming split is to prove that we are the best duo in Europe. Simple as that.

Anything else you want to address towards your fans and the fans of G2

Thanks for your support, keep cheering for your not so random Korean!! We will break some records, ‘Hjadid’ is coming for the crown!

Thank you very much for your time!

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