Wadid: “I know how to communicate well with my teammates because I learned some memes from Youtube and Twitch”

After an absolutely fantastic clown fiesta of a series in which almost every Roccat member roleswapped and they picked Master Yi, we sat down with their Support Wadid to talk about the fun series, his reflections on moving from Europe to Korea and how Memes have contributed to him speaking English so fluently. Enjoy!

Congratulations on the “win”! Was the series fun to play?

(laughs) It was fun to play our pocket picks and then we won as well!

So, are you going to be the new Roccat jungler next split? Because your statistics have been really insane!

(laughs) Yeah, we will see what the future brings, yeah.

How has been the last split been for you personally?

I’ve been learning a lot from Hjarnan. And he’s an all-time good ADC in Europe in my opinion. He knows a lot about teaching younger players and he taught me a lot about lane as well. I think this split has been working quite well for us in Botlane.

This has been your second split in the EU LCS. How did transitioning from Korea to Europe feel originally?

I was originally trying out for the Korean LCS but then tried to move to SBENU, a Korean Challenger Team. The team disbanded however because of a sponsor, so I started practicing really hard with Imp. He was playing with me a lot because he wanted to teach younger players. I got to play with him, which helped me get to Challenger really fast and so eventually Roccat called me and I decided to participate in their tryouts. I then got chosen by Hjarnan as his Support and yeah. That’s how I got to join Roccat.

So you got to play with Imp, one of the greatest ADCs of all time?! That must’ve been a pretty extraordinary experience!

Yeah, it was super nice actually. The fact that he tryharded with me was a very good preparation before LCS.

What are some of the differences that you experienced from playing both in Europe and Korea?

Well. I feel like there are a lot of differences between Korean SoloQ and the European one. I need to try really really hard to get Challenger in Korea, but in EUW it’s really easy to get that rank. And the quality isn’t that good too. In Korea, all the pros from LCK, LMS and LPL and LGL, all the pros play SoloQ on the Korean server. So even when you get Master you can possibly play together with someone like SKT Faker and you get some really good experience from that. It’s a big difference.

I have to make you a compliment because your English is really good! I’ve talked to many Korean pros at this point but few speak English as well as you do?

To be honest, I was not learning English that much. I just had it in Middle School and High School. But then I started watching a lot of Youtube and Twitch! So that’s why I communicate really well with my teammates, it’s because I know some memes and how to keep talking.

So memes helped you with your communication?

Yeah and I tried to learn a lot from others as well of course. Roccat has helped me a lot, especially Flyy. Teammates have been very helpful as well, they don’t laugh when I fail or anything like that, they’re very serious to help me get better which got me confident in speaking the language.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Roccat fans?

Well, first of all, I want to thank Roccat for choosing me over other Korean Supports, I hope that I showed you that you made a good decision. And to the Roccat fans: When I wasn’t performing at the start at the season, they were cheering on me and giving tips on twitter. My twitter experience has been really impressive because a lot of them cheered me up and it felt really good.

Thank you very much for your time!

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