Vizicsacsi: “TSM have been our favorite international opponents. Whenever we face them there are fierce battles and great games.”

After a very close game, the Unicorns of Love were the first team at Rift Rivals to take down the North American champions TSM. We got to talk to EU Spring Split 2017 MVP ̶v̶̶i̶̶c̶̶i̶ ̶v̶̶i̶̶z̶̶i̶̶c̶̶z̶̶s̶̶a̶̶i̶  Vizicsacsi about the game, his hopes for Rift Rivals and the importance of the UoL fans. 

Congratulations on the win! How do you feel right now?

I feel really ecstatic (laughs). We kind of went back to our old style of shouting a lot, hyping us up. This improved our teamfighting to the point that when we went in, we knew that there was no backing out. Everyone was calling what they can do and I think this worked really well against TSM. They wanted to fight us, we wanted to fight them and came out on top.

Is shouting the secret weapon of the Unicorns?

(laughs) Not really, no. We haven’t done this in a really long time. But every time that we’re in doubt, we do it to get us back into the right mindset. For example, after yesterday’s games where we played really disgraceful, we tried to return to our roots and prove that we’re better than what we showed yesterday. Our roots are hyping each other and going for teamfights.

The first two losses came to a surprise to many, but now you managed to bounce back and ended up being the only European team to go 2-0. Is TSM slowly but steadily turning into your favorite team to play against?

(laughs) Yeah, so far they have been. Whenever we face them there are fierce battles and great games. I think it would be great if both of us would get to play in the finals.

I’m sure the fans would love that as well! Do you already have something in mind if you do end up facing TSM in the Rift Rivals finals?

Not really. Our Pick & Ban has been kind of all over the place, usually we try to scout our opponents but we weren’t able to do so this time. This is why you see a lot of pocket picks coming out as well. This might happen in the finals as well but I hope that we’d be a bit more prepared this time.

Talking about pocket picks, you played Irelia in the first game against TSM and did really well in the early game. Are we going to see her again and do you think she’s a viable pick right now?

I mean the situation that I picked her into was pretty horrible because Gragas and Braum counter her pretty hard. I had to split push the whole game and wasn’t able to teamfight. That said, she’s definitely a good pick into Gnar if you can snowball. Even though a Gnar should be slightly favored, with a bit of help from the Jungler you can get an early kill and then just kill him over and over again.

Exileh has received quite a lot of harsh criticism over the past day, people seem to pinpoint UoL’s losses on him specifically rather than the overall shortcomings of the team. Do you think that’s unfair?

I think he’s going through a hard time. It’s true that he’s struggling a bit, especially when compared to his last splits. But he showed today that he’s able to come out of this and do well in teamfights. His main weakness is just the laning phase. Outside of the laning phase, he’s still this super strong carry that provides a lot. I think he needs to get comfortable with more Midlane matchups. Right now there are like 10-15 Midlane champions that are viable and that’s way too many to memorize and learn properly. He just needs some time.

Samux has been showing up big time. Are you impressed with how he has been performing?

Yeah, I’m really impressed by his and Hyli’s plays. They are a really strong duo and get along in real life as well, which further strengthens their bond. I think the current Botlane meta fits them as well.

Do you think there’s a good chance that you guys will make the finals now?

I mean yesterday we were the worst team, today I feel like we’ve been the best team. So let’s hope that our form stays this way and we can make it to the finals (laughs).

Anything you’d like to say to the fans?

I’m really grateful for the fans cheering for us. Without their support, I don’t think we would make it this far. They always come out cheering for us, supporting us, shouting at us, that’s just… Great. Especially when you’re playing games like these. This support pumps you up so much. The fans helped us to win.

Thank you very much for your time!

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