Vizicsacsi: “I hope Hylissang and I can go to Worlds together.” | S04 & FNC Press Conference

Before the finals of the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split in Madrid, Schalke 04 and Fnatic gave a joint press conference to Spanish press representatives at the Movistar eSports Center.

Three years ago, you played the finals here and lost. Now you have grown as a player. What’s the main difference between Vizicsacsi now and then?

Vizicsacsi: There is a huge difference in how I played back then. I think I improved a lot as a player in every aspect plus I have a very solid team this time around. This time, we can make it.

A lot of people spoke about who will play in the finals, Rekkles or Bwipo. We want to know how you experienced the situation with all the swaps?

sOAZ: It was totally fine but the hardest for me was definitely when I had the operation on my hand and all that kind of things. When I came back I felt like I was ready to play, but the opinions differed within the team. Other than that, I had no issues with the situation and it was fine for me.

This is your first final after the one with Lemondogs. For the fans and for yourself, do you think this final manifests that you can still compete at the top? Also, what would you say to the old Nukeduck in 2013?

Nukeduck: It definitely feels good to be in the finals again. I always thought that I play quite well but the results didn’t come in, so I doubts came up if I’m actually performing poorly and just can’t see it myself. Consequently, it is, of course, reassuring to make a final again.

Back in 2013, we didn’t take the final as serious as we should have, and I regret that. This time we will give it our all.

A long time ago you said on Twitter that you felt betrayed. What was everything around that?

sOAZ: It’s just an opinion in a certain timeline that isn’t current anymore. That’s pretty much it. We have different opinions about various things and then just moved on from there.

Before the split, you added Kayys as the head analyst. How important are he and the overall coaching staff that is in place?

Bwipo: Kayys is actually really important. He adds a lot of small things to the team that people tend to overlook. He observes the meta and other teams, what tendencies they have, how slow they are, how fast they are, and gives us some stats for that. For example, the average time a team needs to take down the first tower, so we can say “Oh, they are playing pretty slow”. That’s the kind of stuff he comes up with which just gives you the extra edge. That perfectly adds up with the input we get from the other coaching staff, so we are really rounded up and don’t make any mistakes or at least know what to expect from our opponent.

Do you think it’s going to be a tough five-match final?

sOAZ: Of course, we do not underestimate Schalke but in my opinion, the match against Misfits will probably have been the hardest. Mainly just because in general, we rate Misfits very high as a team and we think that Schalke is probably a bit worse than Misfits. However, we will not underestimate them and prepare as well as we can.

Usually, players in interviews are so serious but you are always smiling and making jokes. What impact does the recent success have on that and did it change you?

Bwipo: Generally speaking, I think that most of the success is because of my team. I did my job I guess which everyone on the team has done. To do a good job you have to be yourself. At the end of the day when you are being interviewed people are interested in who you are and what you have to say as yourself. That’s why I smile a little more.

Lately, a Spanish esports journalist said that you should retire but then you recently tweeted that you won’t retire any time soon. Do you think that was necessary to make a point?

sOAZ: It’s not that. For all my career I was very vocal about things that I didn’t like. Whether it’s been about me or one of my teammates. Whenever something wasn’t right I felt like I should talk about it. I got a lot of flak for that kind of things in the past. People just jump on these things to hate on me more than on gameplay related things. Throughout the previous years, there wasn’t a year that’s been bad for me in terms of gameplay. Maybe one year at Worlds with Fnatic that was probably my worst time as a player but besides that, I think I’ve been playing good overall. I’m not going to retire until I feel like I cannot keep up or I’m not good enough. I might retire if I would play on a bad team for quite some time but as long as I deliver, and I can be on a good team I will be happy.

This is going to be your third final. In two of them, you played alongside Hylissang. How do you feel about facing him and any words you would like to direct towards him?

Vizicsacsi: To be fair, facing him in my first final without him on my team doesn’t really make a difference for me. For me, the right attitude is that when you are playing the finals and you enter the stage you focus on the game and you don’t really see who your opponent is in terms of players but rather just champions. I will just see a Support player and not Hylissang and that will not influence me in any way. Other than that, I am very happy with his success and I hope that we can go to Worlds together.

What do you think is more of a meme: The era of Nukeduck or Guilhoto winning “Coach of the Split”?

Nukeduck: Probably none of them is a meme.

You played Poppy before it was changed, and you qualified playing Poppy. Do you think it’s going to be banned in the final or will it be a priority pick for you or the other Toplaner?

Vizicsacsi: I think it definitely is a pick that should be respected. That champion has a really high skill ceiling and a lot of playmaking potential in the game. I don’t really care if it’s going to be banned or not since my champion pool for the final is large enough.

You are facing a team with two Toplaners. What’s different between them?

Vizicsacsi: I think their style became quite similar throughout the past few months. The main difference is that they have different champion pools and in my opinion, the team’s whole playstyle shifts a bit depending on who of them is playing. sOAZ is probably the more solid one while Bwipo is more aggressive. It’s hard for me to choose the more dangerous one as they play quite similar after the Laneing Phase.

If Caps wouldn’t be the MVP of the season, who would it be?

Bwipo: It would stay within Fnatic. Both Broxah and Hylissang played an outstanding season and have been the ones shaping our playstyle. Also, Nukeduck could get it for sure or Upset maybe too.

sOAZ: I have a quite similar answer. Previous split everyone named Rekkles because we all played towards Rekkles. This season we played towards Caps, so everyone thinks about Caps but doesn’t pay attention to what’s happening around him. To be totally honest I would give it to Hylissang if not Caps.

Nukeduck: I think besides Caps, Upset should be the MVP and then Broxah and Hylissang are strong contenders.

Vizicsacsi: It’s basically the same. Behind Caps it would be Nukeduck, Upset, Broxah, and Hylissang because all of them played an incredible split.

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