Unicorns of Love to sign WhiteKnight

At 18:45 CET, the Unicorns of Love’s official twitter account has put out a teaser about their upcoming Toplaner, in the style of a popular Pokémon riddle:

After doing a bit of research, we’ve found that the silhouette matches the facial structure of former PSG and NiP Toplaner WhiteKnight perfectly. Here’s a quick comparison:

UoL WhiteKnight

The Finish player has been praised for his abilities in SoloQ previously and he has held the number 1 spot on the EUW ladder during several seasons. Him being subbed in at PSG resulted in the Challenger Team still making playoffs – even though the French team had lost all previous Challenger Series matches.

Even though he might not yet be able to fill in the boots of former UoL Toplaner Vizicsacsi, he seems like the best option for the boys in pink as of right now.

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Darius Matuschak

Darius is an esports journalist trying to nurture esports culture whenever possible. He got into esports while finishing his Bachelor in Journalism, and has been a regular EU LCS attendee since January 2017.

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