Toby’s GLL Season 2 Grand Finals Power Rankings

I’m Tobias Wiinblad, but most of you probably know me as TheNameIsToby. Throughout the past months, I’ve had the pleasure of casting the GLL Season 2 at which the finals are approaching on the 10th to 12th of August. Down below you’ll find my power rankings of the teams attending.

16. Sangal e-Sports

Lineup: Kalimdor – Marco – Shakz – theBSD

Formerly known as Griffin, Sangal e-Sports is a team that surprisingly, despite their rather low kill count (87 kills over the entire season), managed to come out of nowhere and make their way to the finals. It will be interesting to see how they are going to perform on LAN.

15. Team Gates

Lineup: Cillo – Exko – Mortify – Mossy

The Gates team managed to make their way to PUBG Global Invitational 2018, but did not manage to deliver finishing up in last (20th) place in TPP and 13th in FPP. They have had a little time now to rethink their strategies and maybe getting back to 16team lobbies will help them climb back on the horse.

14. PENTA Sports

Lineup: Braexco – Cronex33 – UdyrMayFire – Caint

Finishing the season off in 6th place with just 99 kills, ahead of Tollenz Lions with 138, the fully German roster will have to fight off both Vitality and Moonwolf if they want to contest Mylta if they are not planning on going elsewhere.

13. Tollenz Lions

Lineup: AZRAEL – Itzz_ChrizZ – Resu- – Sonixx

Formerly known as Team Expert, the Lions will look to do what they did in week 1 and 6 of season two, finish the two weeks with over 70 kills combined, but having had both of those days in Bravo, it will be interesting to see what they can pull off in the finals.


Lineup: AndyPyro – EduCoz – sNakj – Washout

With their first LAN appearance at the PGI EU qualifiers in Leicester not going the way they wanted it to, finishing in 15th place, it will be interesting to see if they can howl their way back up with the help of Method’s AndyPyro on the team.

11. M19

Lineup: BatulinS – ELITEPLAYER – Konstantinvk – xmpL

BatulinS and the boys have had themselves a good season2 in the CIS region of the Global Loot League, but now that they’re facing the rest of the top western teams in the finals, it will be interesting to see if they have what it takes to pull through. Will they be contesting Team Liquid in Yasnaya or will they go elsewhere to loot? Only time will tell.

10. Team Vitality

Lineup: Jazza – mOnKeY – Shadow1k – ynck

The once fully French roster has undergone changes and brought on Ynck & Jazza, two of the members of the former Rogue lineup. It will be interesting to see if m0nkeY and Shadow1k will find it as easy to communicate in-game in English and if the team has had enough time to find their playstyle, only having been together for a short while.

9. Team Dignitas

Lineup: Adam – GustavQQ – Uncivil – Wookiebookie

Dignitas has shined through at times during the 2nd season of Global Loot League. We will need to see bring their very best if they’re planning on ending the finals with a top5 placement. The two Danes, GustavQQ, and WookieBookie has been the powerhouse of the team with 72 kills combined, and falling a bit behind Uncivil and Didz have only able to bring home 45.

8. SetToDestroyX

Lineup: Fignaldo – Riftt – Snakers – VeeTV

Having only spent one week in Bravo throughout the season, in which they took first place with 25 kills, Set To Destroy seems all “set”. They might want to find somewhere else to drop though, if they aren’t planning on looting alongside Faze in Mylta Power.

7. Nova Esports

Lineup: Interrogate – LosHD – Purdy – Smithy

Having undergone both roster and org changes recently, it will be interesting to see what the former Totality team will be able to pull off, coming off of a top NA placement with a total of 4885 points, putting them as the team with the most points in season2 across all regions.

6. Wildcard Gaming

Lineup: Kickstart – Pride – sharpshothd – Toumai

A team that many say is a top5 team in NA, but missed the PUBG Global Invitational, will be looking to get revenge over the teams who did manage to get there, but with Na’Vi in Primorsk, it would seem they will have to look to loot elsewhere?

5. Ghost Gaming

Lineup: BALLOC – Miccoy – Pr0phie – Turtle

The half European / half American team has already proven to us that in the top of the NA scene, by attending the PUBG Global Invitational. Now they will have to deliver in the finals though, being the lowest placed team to qualify in NA, just 90 points ahead of Optic Gaming.

4. Pittsburgh Knights

Lineup: Draedon – Krama – TEXQS – Voxsic

Finishing off the season on the top of the leaderboard with an astounding 4850 points, Pittsburg Knights came into PGI with many expecting them to finish in top5, but only able to get the 8th place in the FPP tournament, they’ll be looking for better results in the GLL Finals.

3. Natus Vincere

Lineup: Drainys – POKAMOLODOY – Shade1 – ubah

With a well-deserved 4th place in the Berlin, Na’Vi crowned them the best CIS team in the tournament, and with Shade1 back in the lineup, they will look to carry that momentum into this weekends GLL Season 2 finals.

2. FaZe Clan

Lineup: FuzzfaceHaxete – Jembty – mxey

Having missed out on what was the biggest PUBG tournament to date, Faze Clan will be eager to come back strong and prove to the world that they belong on the very top of the ladder.

1. Team Liquid

Lineup: Scoom – ibiza – Jeemzz – Sambty

Getting back-to-back 2nd placements, both in FPP and TPP, at the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in Berlin, Team Liquid seems to be one of the very top contenders to take home to trophy at the GLL Season 2 Finals. Teams like M19 and Nova could be their Achilles heel though, as we know both teams like to loot up in Yasnaya.

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