Team Liquid – PGI 2018 TPP 2nd Place Press Conference

Obviously, there is a break now before the FPP competition starts on Saturday, what are you going to do the next day and a bit to prepare for FPP?

Ibiza: I and Jeemzz gonna play the charity event. I think the charity event is only going to be FPP so we are going to use this as practice. Scoom and Sambty… not sure what you guys will do?

Scoom: We just take a break and watch the boys play. We have so much practice on FPP, it is our bread and butter as we do not really play anything else. We are just coming in on Saturday and hopefully dominate.

If you could change one decision you’ve made in the last round, what would it be?

Scoom: When we were fighting a team in the north of the gas station – I think we were pushing Gen.G Gold – we made the decision to push that team and at the same time another call was given to me and ibiza to snake up on the hill. So, I guess that thing we would change. We would change it to all going up the hill and sticking as a four-man team instead of two.

Have you guys been practicing primarily in TPP?

Scoom: We haven’t practiced TPP since FPP got introduced in I think it was August 2017. All our scrims started switching to FPP, all the online leagues started switching as well. Pretty much the whole Western scene transferred to FPP within one month. Since then we have pretty much only competed in FPP.

Can you describe the difference between Team Liquid and other Gen.G’s empire of teams?

Team Liquid is a European and North American organization with headquarters in both Los Angeles and Utrecht. They are a very well-known organization and have a variety of teams in different game titles. And Gen.G, they used to be KSV if I’m not mistaken, so they kind of a new brand and are really big in Korea. That’s pretty much it.

How long have you guys been playing together as a squad before?

ibiza: Since February this year.

Scoom: About six months. There was only me left of the old Team Liquid roster. In late January/early February, we got this roster together which was basically like a super team. They came all from different rosters and have been one of the best players on the respective rosters. We just decided to build a really strong EU team to contest FaZe, which were and still are in my opinion the best team in the world. We really wanted to compete against them.

You mentioned FaZe Clan are one of the best teams in the world. What do you think went wrong for them that they didn’t make it to PGI?

Scoom: I guess they just had a bad weekend. You have good days and bad days and I think they had a couple of bad ones, especially at the start of the qualifier. They were coming back towards the end but it just wasn’t enough for them. Unfortunately, it was only three teams that could qualify for Europe – and Europe is a really strong region as we have seen today. All three European teams made it to the top 5 in the TPP competition. It’s a very tough region and if you make a slight mistake it is incredibly hard to qualify. Top 4 is still very good and it would have been nice to have them here because they would be a strong team to contest us.

Do you think that for the rest of 2018 and 2019 we will see FaZe at those major events?

Scoom: Yes, definitely. I still think they are at the top of the European region together with us. Unfortunately, they are not here to showcase themselves, but I feel like they will come back even stronger. I mean, they have the best track record of any team in PUBG esports. I definitely think we will see them at those major events.

I think it was the 7th game, the play with the smokes by ibiza. What came up to your mind when you saw the teams pushing. Did you know it was a good moment for you to make the play?<


ibiza: I mean, I had eight smokes and I was always ready to do it. I knew people were running around me as well, so I was kind of scared, to be honest. At one point Pr0phie was right next to me, I saw him as well and he shot me. So, I just did the play.

What was your favorite moment from the final game?

Jeemzz: When Scoom killed the guy reviving in the smoke. I think it was AVANGAR.

ibiza: I agree.

Scoom: We knew WTSG were still alive in that game and they were the only team that could contest us for second place, so me killing AVANGAR and controlling that side of the map pretty much guaranteed us second place, so we were really happy about that play.

Did you see Gen.G Gold make the play where they drove all the way outside the circle and then back in at a different point just to stay alive?

Scoom: Which game was that?

The final game.

Scoom: I didn’t see that. I saw them at the ridge straight south of me, but I didn’t know how they came there because I didn’t have eyes on that rotation.

You guys currently have Mista on the team as a coach for some event. Do you think having a coach on those big events helps you?

Scoom: I think it definitely does. Having a guy just that keeps you calm after each game and just goes over what he has seen on stream. Anything weird going on between the teams, certain drop spots or strategies. We have our own strategies, but it really helps to solve miscommunication within the team when someone comes in to help us decide things. So it definitely helps to have a fifth guy as a coach in that process.

Yesterday you won two matches but in the end, Gen.G Black was first place in the overall rankings. Did it surprise you that you haven’t been in first place and how did that affect your performance today?

Jeemzz: I was a little surprised that they were leading at first but when I watched the VoDs I saw really strong games. Most of the time they played at the edge of the circle, making a lot of kills and gathering a lot of points that way. They only had one bad game which was 14th place but in general, that didn’t really affect us going into today’s matches.

ibiza: I agree.

*How did it feel for you to perform at the Mercedes-Benz Arena today?

Scoom: Definitely. IEM Oakland was kind of big as well but PUBG wasn’t that big yet and the scene wasn’t on the same level. Also, a CSGO competition has been going on at the same time which is a very popular esports. This event here is just amazing, very incredible. There’s been a lot of fans cheering for us and other teams which is just the best feeling in the world. Then becoming second and just playing is really, really fun. I don’t even really care about the money, it’s just the competition.

*The European and the North American competitive scenes are a very close community. How is the atmosphere between that community and the Asian teams?

Scoom: With North America and Europe, we have been competing against each other since when the first online leagues started, and everything has been mixed and it still kind of is mixed when you play Curse Trials. We have a really good relationship. Of course, there is a lot of banter going on especially on social media like “NA>EU” or vice versa. That’s just normal. Overall, we get along very well. With the Asian teams per se, everyone that I met has been really nice, but we do not connect that much. However, they all seem like really nice people.

*During the Media Day, PUBG Corp announced their esports plans for 2019 and the upcoming years, including a Pro League from 2019 on. How excited are you about that announcement and do you have any insight on how that league will be structured?

Scoom: I don’t know how it’s going to look. Obviously, it is very exciting that PUBG Corp has committed themselves to esports for the next five years. If we get the stability and visibility, then there is a future in what we are doing. When you play a new game, you don’t know what the future will look like apart from the next year but the fact that they are fully committed is gonna be very exciting for us and the Pro League is what I think PUBG kind of needs. I feel like that’ll be good for us as we are a very consistent team, so we will do pretty well at that.

*How happy are you that they will introduce a standardized rule set for all competitions?

Scoom: I think that has been needed for a while now. Obviously, PUBG has only been going on for a year in terms of esports and since it’s a new game you don’t really know what the rules are going to be. Different organizers have different rule sets, and everyone is trying to figure out what is best, but I think throughout the last year we have found a good rule set and hopefully, we also go into FPP for all competitions in the future.

*Do you hope that for upcoming competitions there should be only TPP or only FPP?

Scoom: Coming to this event we just proved that as Europe, even though we don’t practice it, all three teams made it to the Top 5. FPP and TPP are almost the same, it depends on how you approach it. FPP is more competitive. In FPP you can do way more pushed, way more aggressive plays. Hopefully, in the future we will get one standardized game mode, whether that is TPP or FPP, I just want one specifically. I, of course, hope it’ll be FPP. I know a lot of Asian teams do like FPP as well and some do like TPP. Also, under casual aspects, the TPP mode is more appealing because you see your whole character, all the skins and stuff like that which is really appealing for the casual viewer but in terms of competition, I really hope FPP is the one to go with.

*What’s your opinion on the current competition schedule? Is it fine as it is, or should there be more/ fewer competitions?

Scoom: It’s fine as it is. There are three major online leagues: Auzom, PUBG Online (now Mainline) and GLL plus a monthly Curse Trials competition. Normally when all those three leagues are going on the whole week is pretty packed. Whenever new online leagues come in it is a bit tougher to compete there because they collide with other competitions. It is pretty good right now with three leagues, but I don’t know what the future is gonna be.

If you could compare your gameplay style to an animal, what animal would it be?

ibiza: Cheetah. We are good with rotations, especially in FPP. When we see other teams and they don’t know we’re coming, we really like to push on them.

Scoom: Dolphin. I think dolphins are the smartest animals and we are the smartest team.

Jeemzz: What are other smart animals? Elephants? Maybe, also a little bit snakes.

Sambty: Yes, snakes!

Are those your favorite animals?

Scoom: No! My favorite animal is actually the penguin. They are just super cute. The way they just jump and flap around the rocks and fall down in videos is just hilarious!

* Questions marked with a start have been asked by The Shotcaller.

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