Team Liquid – PGI 2018 FPP 2nd Place Press Conference

You guys placed second for the second time here at the PGI. Are you okay with how the overall event has gone for you?

Scoom: It’s been two best of eights. We obviously would have preferred to have a win on either one. We are still super happy. I think we’ve been the most consistent team throughout the whole PGI and that alone is just incredible.

Asian teams were not expected to do well in FPP. Does it feel any different for you to lose to a team who mainly plays another game mode?

Scoom: OMG and the majority of China have predominantly competed in TPP competitions but lately they’ve been playing some FPP as well. I feel like OMG totally dominated FFP and also won the Asian FPP Pro Invitational. So, they and also Korea as well as every other region showed that FPP is good for them too.

There are three different kinds of teams that made it, OMG from China, you from Europe, and a team that has no organization behind them. Does this gap show that there are good chances for new teams in PUBG?

Scoom: Yes. WTSG doesn’t have an organization right now but they used to be in one. They are just waiting for the right opportunity, but they qualified and always have been a dominating team in Europe. But this showcases for other players: If they can do it, you can do it as well. You do not need an organization to play the qualifiers and you might find yourself here, playing in the arena.

What did you do after yesterdays games to come back stronger today?

ibiza: Not a lot to be honest. We just spoke about a few things like rotations and when to push together etc. That’s it. We haven’t really watched the VoDs. We just look at our own gameplay and learn from our mistakes.

Scoom: I have to touch on that as well. Our game has been determined by rotations and we played a bit too passive. Even in TPP, we have been kind of avoiding fights which we have never really done in the European region. For today we looked back at how OMG was playing, and they were playing on the edge, looking for fights and for kills. We tried to do that today, play the edge of the zone and stick to our own game plan and that kind of worked out in the end.

So, OMG has been the inspiration for your playstyle?

Scoom: I mean, that has been the way FaZe Clan has been playing in the European region for like the past 10 months. They tend to control one side of the map and are really proactive to get a lot of kills. We have adapted to a quite similar playstyle. Sometimes we play the middle and are quite passive and sometimes we like to play the edge. It’s always depended on the circle and our position on the map. Today we tended a bit more towards FaZe’s and OMG’s playstyle.

What’s your team’s infrastructure? An office, stuff like that?

Scoom: We have a coach, Mista. He also helps us manage some stuff. Then also our manager Juno who does everything for us and then she has her bosses. That is pretty much it.

Asking each of you individually: What are you going to spend the money on?

ibiza: I will save it up!

Scoom: I think the same. Esports can be volatile. You don’t know how long you’re going to be a player. Obviously saving up money prepares for the future, so I’ll put the money on the side. I’m not going to buy anything per se.

Jeemzz: Repay some loans and save up the rest.

Sambty: I’ll save it as well.

In a few weeks, you will face OMG once again in TPP and FPP during the Hong Kong Invitational. Are you ready for revenge?

Jeemzz: YES!

Sccom: Yes, it’s gonna be eight games of FPP and TPP on Erangel and Miramar. We are looking forward to play against the whole Chinese region. It’s going to be very exciting and I’m curious to so how it’ll go.

Can you tell us your all time favorite athlete? Esports or traditional sports.

ibiza: Good question. I don’t know to be honest.

Scoom: For me, it has to be two people. Doublelift from Team Liquid’s League of Legends team. He is a huge inspiration to me. His mentality and his is great and I’m honored to be a part of the same organization as him. And then there is my boss, our CEO Steve. He is just a really awesome guy. He supported us since the beginning and I feel like he is an amazing boss as well together with Victor. It’s really an inspiration to me to work with Steve.

Jeemzz: n0thing from CS:GO. He has a really great attitude and I like that.

Sambty: Faker.

What round of the tournament has been your favorite one?

Scoom: Must be the last round today. We got a win and secured the second place in the tournament from WTSG. It felt awesome to finish the whole tournament with a win as Team Liquid, being the most consistent team throughout the whole tournament.

How did you prepare for Miramar?

Jeemzz: We didn’t

ibiza: No, we didn’t.

Scoom: We played it a little bit in Europe. Some scrims and stuff. But since it’s not in that many leagues and we didn’t play it in the qualifier, we only played it here during the main event. So the only preparation has been the warm-up matches here at the tournament.

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