Team Liquid partners with SAP to develop analytical tools for players

Team Liquid and SAP, the largest European software developer, have officially announced a partnership between the two.

The two parties intend to develop a software to improve the training methods and learning outcomes of esports players:

“SAP will develop comprehensive technology solutions that will give Team Liquid an information advantage inside and out of the game.

Their cutting-edge analytics will empower our teams’ decisions while providing a platform for more efficient practice and scouting.”

While the SAP video only includes recordings of Team Liquid’s DotA 2 team, the press release also mentions Stacraft 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone as examples where software could benefit player learnings.

Given that Josh “Jarge” Smith (Head of Analytics Department at Team Liquid) is heavily involved with Team Liquid’s League of Legends team and also commented on the deal, it’s likely that the software will also be used for the NA LCS and NA Academy team.

Additionally, the press release includes the following message:

“Many of the best sports teams in the world, including the kings of Bundesliga, Bayern Munich, and English Premier League winners elect Manchester City, run SAP, and Team Liquid will receive the same championship winning support. Together, we will transform the way esports team operate by uncovering the nuances and depths of performance that only data can provide.”

While this deal was officially described as a “partnership”, Lars Lamadé, Head of Sponsorships Europe & Asia, SAP called it a “team sponsorship” in his comment. It’s uncertain whether the deal also encompasses monetary compensation for the team, and how high said compensation would be.

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Darius Matuschak

Darius is an esports journalist trying to nurture esports culture whenever possible. He got into esports while finishing his Bachelor in Journalism, and has been a regular EU LCS attendee since January 2017.

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