Stunt on his win vs OpTic: “That game brought me back to my favorite win, where I was about to give up playing professionally and I said to myself this was my last go.”

After an extremely entertaining game, FlyQuest were able to beat OpTic Gaming during Week 5 in the closest NA LCS game this split. FlyQuest are slowly shaping up to be a team that could possibly take games off of the higher ranked teams if they continue to press the boundaries of their expectations.

Izento got to meet up with the elated William “Stunt” Chen to have a heavy talk about the fear of losing his starting position, his experience with different ADCs and his thoughts on leaving an item slot open for control wards.

How do you feel about that game against OpTic Gaming?

That game kind of brought me back to my favorite win of all time, which was during Challenger series qualifiers where I was about to give up playing professionally and I said to myself this was my last go. It was a Bo5 against Top Dog Gaming and in the last game I couldn’t feel my arms. Then, today, I couldn’t feel my arms. This is the most adrenaline I’ve felt in a while just because of the low hp nexus and fighting for our future playoff spot, it felt as though everything was on the line at that moment. It was a good feeling…unless we lost (laughs). That makes the win that much sweeter.

The match was two extremes. On one end, we played badly. I got caught out a couple times and then everyone else got caught out at different times so we weren’t able to use baron properly with our siege comp.

On the other end, the way we won was the most ridiculous way to win. So, looking back, I’m fine with what happened. I’ll decide to be chill about it.

Ovilee went into this topic but I want to go a bit further. Speaking bluntly, are you scared that the other substitute support JayJ will take the primary starting position?

So, I’m not really a stranger to this whole substitute situation. Me and Xpecial shared time on Dignitas and then me and Shady on Phoenix1. Now, with me and JayJ, our relationship is at a good spot and we try to help each other out as much as possible. I’m supportive of his career.

We came to a conclusion of who we’re going to use. I’ll say this now but, we forgot to update the roster for Saturday’s game. My first thought was “this is so bad for both of us”, because I want to play and get us the victory and the team was practicing with me mostly this week, so JayJ didn’t get much time to practice or prepare. He was exercising in the morning so he wasn’t ready on Saturday and I just felt really awful for the team and JayJ. I also think that it’s important for our careers that people temper their speculation because behind the scenes, you don’t know what’s going on. I think it’s better for me to keep some stuff in the wraps.

It seems like FlyQuest look better with you in the roster. Why do you think that is?

I think I’m very opinionated, which can be a good thing or bad thing. The downside is it can turn people off from my personality. The upside is it’s good for improvement and I have a pretty strong say in what we draft. I also have a strong opinion on how we should play out the game. A lot of the times in game, the decisions that you see, I’m adamant about what I want. All of this can be good or bad and obviously I’ll try to work with my teammates as much as possible.

I think WILDTURTLE is good at DPS champions and my specialty is peel champions, so I think we work well together. At least from solo queue, I was the highest rated in South Korea as support and I got rank one in North America. So, in terms of solo queue talent, I think that’s one of my strengths. I think LoL is a communicative game now. Whoever communicates better generally wins the game. You see this a lot with players in the LCS. Some players are Diamond 4, Diamond 2, doesn’t matter. You communicate better and you take the right fights, you’re going to win the game. So that’s why I don’t think solo rank is incredibly important, but with that said, I think it’s definitely a plus.

What’s the main team’s relationship with the Academy team?

We practice in the same house, we eat together and generally just close friends. The academy team is super friendly and the atmosphere is more lighthearted compared to the main team which I would say is one of the most serious atmospheres I’ve been on. People will call you out on things and you feel a sort of tension to perform.

Overall though I think we all get along and we do in-house scrims. I think everyone is just trying to win. Our Academy team is doing well in first place, so we cheer each other on.

Do you find it difficult to adapt to all of these different ADCs?

I recently read an article about Fly in how he’s been on a huge number of teams and how it really changed his perspective on the game and I kind of feel the same way. With different players, people will have several strengths and weaknesses. So, you have to learn what’s good and bad. Why did this team lose or what made that team so good? You have to take all the positives from your former teams, and that’s why I feel like experienced players have certain advantages. Eventually you pick up on all these things and you develop your own style out of the combination of everything you’ve learned.

Specifically, ADCs, I think of them like ex’s in a good way (laughs).

WILDTURTLE is the best dps. If you put him in a position to do damage, he’ll do the most damage out of anyone.

Piglet is the best laning phase ADC. Piglet will find a way to win the lane. He’s really creative about winning lane and quick to pull the trigger when opponents are vulnerable.

Arrow is the best team play ADC. He’s incredibly well-rounded. As I was going into this game, I thought a lot about what he would try to provide for his team. That’s why I wanted a strong lane because it’s very hard to make good calls when your own lane is behind.

I think the most important thing for me was my lane training with Arrow and Piglet because back then, I would say my laning phase wasn’t my strong point. Now people are starting to say that laning is a strength of mine. I’m just like, “wait, are you talking about me?” (laughs)

Support and jungle synergy is vital for a team to function at their peak. How is that bond going between yourself and AnDa?

Me and AnDa have played the game quite a bit together because we’re friends outside the game. We often duo queue and in solo queue, everything just clicks. Everyone gives us vision for free and ganking bottom is free. Then we play in scrims and advantages don’t come as freely, now we have to talk about everything.

RapidStar likes this style where support and jungle kind of control the flow of the game. Apparently in South Korea, the support and jungle dictate how the game is played while the laners can focus on their own tasks.

AnDa is more on the quiet side. Personally, I want to be able to talk more but I think there are a lot of strong voices in the game. This is the focus that we’ve been working on in the past few weeks. Just know that we’re working on it, it doesn’t seem great right now but we’re constantly improving and it seems like we’ll get to a successful position.

What’s your opinion on leaving the last item open for control wards?

My vision score is actually pretty low (laughs). Personally, I think it depends on the champion. If you’re playing a full sacrifice champion like Braum, your job is kind of to just…die (laughs). You put your life out there to contest vision. He’s one of the best contesters for vision so often when I’m playing Braum, I’ll buy two or three control wards every recall.

When I’m playing Janna, items matter. Even if I can afford two or three control wards, it’s better for me to save up for my Ardent Censer or Redemption. These are huge items that make my shields powerful and they have a huge visible effect on the game. Whereas, when you’re playing a melee support like Braum, after Locket, you don’t have any visible item choices. Knight’s Vow you could kind of argue for, but you don’t have to rush towards that.

I say for ranged supports, go for the sixth item. For melee supports, you can keep the slot for control wards.

The last three teams (Immortals, Phoenix1, Team Dignitas) you’ve been on have been kicked out of the LCS. Are you cursed?

Am I cursed?! Ah, god, I think I am (sighs). Just super unlucky. Looking at the big picture, I really enjoyed all the experiences I’ve had, but still, I’m not a lucky guy for sure (laughs).

Good luck for your future!

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