Stixxay: “The narrative that I’m nothing without Aphromoo is wrong”

Counter Logic Gaming have had their first 2-0 week after not finding much success since the beginning of the Spring Split. The skepticism was rampant but the team is slowly starting to shape into what many were expecting from the start.

Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes has been in the spotlight ever since the newest iteration of the team was formed, along with his support.

Izento spoke with the relieved Stixxay to discuss the match against Flyquest, the communication setup in CLG, and the community narrative of him having something to prove after separating from his mentor.

Congratulations on your win against Flyquest. How do you feel about the match in general?

I felt pretty confident the entire match. We had a really good plan until there was the pause. That threw us off a bit. I think the game would have went a lot faster if the game didn’t have a pause because we would have been able to close out faster. The pause made us think about a lot of things and kind of made us overthink. Besides that, I thought the game was good.

That’s an interesting take on pauses. Do you think pauses make people play vastly different after the pause?

Typically, I think this happens a lot where, after a pause someone will immediately die because they won’t be thinking about the right things. In the middle of the game your kind of in a flow-state where you’re feeling for how the game is shaping up, and then when there’s a pause, after it’s un-paused, you could forget where the enemy is, so when pauses happen, you really have to be mindful of a lot of things. So usually after a pause, someone generally dies.

What’s your take on this patch? Is it better for Biofrost and yourself?

I don’t think we were bad on the Relic Shield patch, but I do think we’re enjoying this patch since we’re able to use Doran’s Blade because it makes it feel like you can play through lane a lot harder and pressuring the enemy more. With Relic shield, you could just take a bad trade and heal back up, so that felt really bad. For us though, this patch is definitely a good thing.

One of the big criticisms for CLG has been a perceived lack of leadership. Do you think this statement has any truth to it?

I think at the beginning it did. We basically put all of our shotcalling duties on Huhi. Coming into LCS, that wouldn’t be the best time to figure that kind of thing out. The situation is better now, as it’s not just Huhi, and we seem to have our communication settled. This just took us some time to figure out, but now I think it will be smooth.

There have been recent comparisons of Hai leaving Cloud 9 and Aphromoo leaving CLG. So, when you said you had Huhi as the designated shotcaller at the beginning, you just wanted to have a sole voice to make decisions so things could be more cohesive and then change plans later on?

To start off, everyone on our team knew the things they had to do and then Aphro would make the final call. So, when I saw the primary shotcaller, Huhi will make the big decisions like baron calls or dragon. All the information comes from the laners and then gets funneled to Huhi and then Huhi takes all that information and makes the final call.

After having Huhi being the only shotcaller and then shifting some of the duties to Biofrost, I think it’s a wiser move. Huhi also plays a mechanically intensive role, so it’s harder to focus on laning and what’s best for your champion when you have to think about decisions for the entire team. I think it helps quite a bit that Biofrost is able to take on some of these responsibilities.

What is the most difficult thing about having a new support?

The most difficult thing is getting used to the person. In my case, I was really lucky because Bio and I are very similar, same with Aphro, so it was really natural to play with them. We’re into the same stuff so it makes it easier to get along with him.

CLG lost a couple games to start off the split. How did your team get out of a losing mentality?

I feel like in a normal team atmosphere, like Golden Guardians for example, the mentality is probably not so good. You can see that in their play and how they’re just not improving. For us, we went into every match thinking we were going to win and even after every match, we thought it was best that this happened early on in the Spring Split rather than later because we have the most amount of time. So, for us it was never a big thing. There were times where it got difficult but, in the end, it was always as competitive as I thought it was going to be.

Do you think there’s a forced narrative of you and Biofrost trying to make a name for yourselves in that you’re stepping away from your mentors?

Me and Bio actually joked about this the other day. We’re both on the same page where the community has this perception that we were just micromanaged by our veteran lane partners. The thing is, there are things that everyone has to do and you have to be able to do them. You can’t just come in and follow one guy around and everything will be good. That’s not how it works. In the beginning of the split, people were just like, “this is what you get when Biofrost doesn’t have Doublelift and Stixxay doesn’t have Aphromoo”. I think the narrative that we’re nothing without them is wrong because we’ve both done a considerable amount on our own.

Is there anything you want to say to the CLG fans?

Thanks for supporting us and hopefully there will be more wins!


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