Star Ladder Accidentally Revealed $100,000 USD PUBG StarSeries i-League Tournament

Right before the launch of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS‘ 1.0 PC version, the Russian tournament organizer Star Ladder announced that they will partner up with ImbaTV to host a $100,000 USD PUBG tournament. The tournament will be called “StarSeries i-League PUBG” and organized with the support of the PUBG Cooperation.

From March 1-4, 16 teams from all regions will come together in Ukraine’s capital Kiev to compete in front of the crowd at the “Kiev Cybersports Arena”. There will be no qualifiers, just direct invites.

The 16 invites will be distributed by regions as follows:

  • North America: 4 Invites
  • Europe: 3 Invites
  • China: 3 Invites
  • CIS: 2 Invites
  • Asia: 1 Invite
  • South-East-Asia: 1 Invite
  • South America: 1 Invite
  • Oceania: 1 Invite

Yet, there is no information whether the tournament will be played in the first-person-perspective or the third-person-perspective. However, the tournament will only feature squad matches.

After just a few minutes, Star Ladder took the announcement off their website.

Update: According to a report by, the tournament will be played in the first-person-perspective mode. Further, the Star Ladder’s announcement ist live again.

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