Ssumday – “This meta is kind of a chaos storm… but I can play a lot of champs, so I’m not worried.”

After placing first in the Spring Split Regular Season and defeating Clutch Gaming to make it to the Finals in Miami, 100Thieves had a shaky start this Summer Split, losing their first two games against Liquid and CLG. They finally secured their first win against FlyQuest, and Parkes Ousley got to talk to Ssumday about how he and the team were doing, his goals for the Split, and a little Korean advice. 

Congratulations Ssumday on securing your first win! However, you had an unfortunate start this split after finishing second this Spring. What’s going on with the first week?

We just got second place last split, and yes we started bad summer split, with just one win. But it’s just the beginning, so I can’t really say.

So too early to tell, but are you confident in being able to come back and continue to perform well like you did last year?

While I don’t think we are playing well right now, I definitely think we can fix our problem, so I don’t worry about it.

Good to hear that you aren’t too worried. Any thoughts on where you slipped up in the first couple of games?

This meta is kind of a chaos storm. And it’s hard to guess what is best to play, but I’ve played for a long time, so I believe I am good at League. I can play a lot of champs, so I’m not worried.

So what was the off-season like for you? You did very well in the regular season with an unfortunate ending in Miami. What was the focus for preparation for this split?

Well life of a pro gamer is not very free, because it’s a very tight scheduling, = playing the game all the time. So when I have a vacation, I try to relax and conserve my energy. I try to spend time with my friends and family and I like that. I think everyone should take time to recharge their energy.

And you went back to Korea for a little while right?

Yeah I went back right after the LCS final.

That’s awesome! I’ve actually started trying to learn some Korean during the off-season myself, and I want to learn some League of Legends terms. Do you guys use any Korean phrases in teamfights or during the game at all?

Yeah, this is a secret, but I’ll tell you. In a scrim, I played Cho’Gath top and we had Master Yi + Taric mid and jungle. And we went to burst Nashor, and I had ult and Yi had smite, so I said “천오백” (cheon-obaeg). Which means 1,500, so I said it to burst it at that point for smite + eat. But they didn’t know what I was saying, so after the game they asked what I meant in the review (laughs). But now we don’t have to worry about the smite fight because we can all just say “천오백.” (laughs)

Do you say much else in Korean?

We usually don’t say much in Korean since the other teammates are American, and full five man communication is too important.

Do you and Ryu ever chat in Korean to mess with the other players on your team?

No not really. Outside of the game we speak some Korean, but we are trying to learn better English, so we mostly just speak English.

Ah I see, that’s smart! Thanks for helping me learn! Other than that, are you excited for anything specific for this split?

Well, we started off pretty bad, but we got 2nd place last season. So I’m looking forward to improving and getting 1st place, and I of course want to go to worlds!

Image provided by LoL Esports Flickr
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