Sources: Former Jin Air Support SnowFlower Will Join Turkish Team SuperMassive

According to a report released by the Turkish website, the former Jin Air Green Wings Support SnowFlower will join the Turkish team BAUSuperMassive.

He would join GBM, who was officially announced as the team’s Midlaner two weeks ago. The Shotcaller reported on his transfer before it was officially announced.

According to the Turkish report, SuperMassive intends to build a Turkish super team, with three Turkish players, two Koreans, and a Korean coach. Previous Supports have been unable to fill in the shoes of Dumbledoge, with ADC Zeitnot being unable to truly prove his worth.

The roster would consist of the following members if the transfer follows through:

Toplane: Fabfabulous
Jungle: Stomaged
Midlane: GBM
ADC: Zeitnot
Support: SnowFlower

Former Saigon Jokers and Team Vitality coach Irean will be the team’s coach, according to another report by


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