Sven and Smoothie on C9 Academy Roster

Svenskeren and Smoothie played in the NA LACS games for Week 5. Later, Smoothie tweeted out, “academy worlds here we come,” implying that they will stay on the Academy roster for the remainder of this split. Reapered was quoted last weekend saying he would not be making more roster changes due to the approaching playoffs, but it was assumed that Smoothie still had a potential of being the starter going into Week 5 and the rest of the season. Also, Svenskeren moving from LCS to Academy is a roster change! So it is unclear whether Reapered wanted him to get more stage practice for this week, or if he has decided Blaber will be the main starter for the rest of the season. While Blaber has played with Jensen, Sneaky, and Zeyzal earlier this Split, he has not started for the LCS, and replacing an old veteran jungler is somewhat confusing, even if he is underperforming.



With Cloud9 tied for last place, they need to win 8 of their next 10 games to make it to playoffs. With none of the teams clearly in the lead, it is an easier feat that past splits, but going 8-2 is rough nonetheless. And without two veteran players on the team, you have to question if this is the move that makes a trip to worlds most likely?

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