Smeb gets his 1000th kill, first LCK Toplaner to do so

The iconic KT Rolster Toplaner Smeb has achieved a goal that only five players in the LCK have attained before him: Getting 1000 kills over his LCK career.

Additionally, he is the first LCK Toplaner to achieve this.

Other than Smeb, the following five players have previously achieved this goal: Faker, PraY, Bang, Score, and kurO.

The kill occurred in KT’s recent match against Kongdoo Monster, with Smeb playing Camille.

Even though Smeb hasn’t won Worlds as of now, at least he seized the opportunity to become the first Toplaner to get this record.

Reddit user (and die-hard Smeb fan) lw94 put together some interesting statistics regarding Smeb’s career:

Smeb got most of his kills on Rumble, stacking a whooping 164 kills in 51 games – making Rumble his most played champion by a landslide. For comparison, he got his second highest amount of kills on Renekton, but “only” murdered his opponents 89 times using the crocodile in 18 games.

Smeb’s favorite target is SKT players: He stacks 122 kills against members of the record-holding organisation. That said, he also died 144 times against this team and loses more than two thirds of his games against them: His winrate vs SKT is at 31.3%.


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