Smash Bros Has Been Confirmed For Switch And The Internet Is Going Mad

On the 8th of March, Nintendo officially announced that Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch and needless to say, the internet has gone berserk over this announcement.

Here are some of the best reactions!

Etika, known for his Smash Announcement Reaction Videos, who fell on his knees, being overcome by pure joy and excitement:


The crowd of fans who were watching the Nintendo Direct at the Nintendo store in New York, going absolutely mental – this one got the approval by Sakurai himself:


Immortals’ Smash 4 player Anti running up and down his hotel room out of hype:


And this Spanish fan allegedly threw his phone against the wall out of excitement:

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem fans have to weep themselves to sleep.

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch will release in 2018 and will likely be an entirely new Smash game rather than a port of the Wii U version. Fans are supporting this theory due to very different stylistic choices when it comes to the logo and an entirely new website that was set up for Smash Bros for Switch.

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