SK Gaming Applied for the EU LCS Franchise System

According to information given to the German sports business media outlet SPONSORs, SK Gaming not only re-entered League of Legends but also applied for the European LCS franchise sysetm.

Alongside the official release of the new League of Legends roster, SK Gaming also announced a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The partnership is said to be worth a high six figure number for the first year while the continuation of this partnership may depend on the success of SK Gaming’s application for the European League of Legends Championship Series which will be decided by Riot Games.

The Shotcaller exclusively reported the line-up of the new SK Gaming roster which cosists of Daniel ‘Scarface’ Aitbelkacem , Gerrit ‘Phrenic’ Stukemeier, Hicham ‘SozPurefect’ Tazrhini, Tim ‘Keduii’ Willers and Mads ‘Doss’ Schwartz.

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