Scotland: Hairdressers and Homeware Shops Reopen

Scotland: Hairdressers and Homeware Shops Reopen

Hairdressers, homeware shops, and garden centers are reopening in Scotland as Covid restrictions on the economy have eased.

Non-essential click-and-collect services are also allowed to resume.

It is the newest lockdown measure to be relaxed after the Scottish government lifted its ‘stay at home’ rule on Friday.

Other businesses reopening include key cutting, mobility equipment, baby equipment, and electrical repairs.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney urged people to remember the virus remains circulating and to continue following the principles.

He said: “The virus is down but it is not yet out, and thus the last item we’d like is to determine it making a comeback and undoing all the progress from the huge effort and sacrifices we’ve all had to form.”

Hairdressers and barbers with shopfronts can reopen by appointment only – but not mobile services.

While some limited click-and-collect services are operational since January – including clothing, footwear, and books – non-essential click-and-collect can now resume.

However, they’re going to need to operate by staggered appointments.

People still need to abide by the ‘stay local’ rule, meaning they can’t travel outside their agency boundaries, unless for essential reasons.

Mr. Swinney added: “While it’s great news that garden centers and hairdressers are allowed to reopen, everyone must bear in mind that it does not imply the virus has gone away.

“My message is straightforward – enjoy the newest relaxing of the principles but remember to seem out for every other, too.”

David Lonsdale, director of the Scottish Retail Consortium, welcome the reopening and urged shoppers to respect the principles in situ.

He said: “The decision to expand the list of essential retailers and unwind a number of the elevated lockdown restrictions are positive steps. It’s good news for shoppers and the economy.

“Retailers are working hard to prepare for reopening. Shoppers can play their part by adhering to the principles on face-coverings, social distancing, queuing, and by being respectful of shop staff.”

Outdoor contact sports for 12 to 17-year-olds can also start again and college students can return to in-person teaching for practical subjects.

It is expected that each school pupil will return full-time after the Easter holidays. Those in secondary schools are currently operating under a blended learning system.

It comes after Scotland recorded 343 coronavirus cases and no news deaths of Covid patients on Sunday.

Figures published by the Scottish government indicated the daily test positivity rate was 2.7%, up from 2.1% on Saturday.

In total, 2,553,837 people had received a primary dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, and 451,057 had received their second dose.

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