Scoom, Viss, veazyy And Other PUBG Pros Agree: Third-Person-Perspective Is Dead

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS received the first-person-perspective (FPP) with July’s monthly update. Since then, there has been a huge discussion between tournament organizers, casters, as well as competitive and casual players which mode to use in competitive play. Now, almost two months later, it seems like PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS’ initial third-person-perspective (TPP) is dead – at least according to the competitive scene.

The third-person-perspective recently lost one of its most encouraged advocates. During the Gamescom Invitational in late August caster Lauren “Pansy” Scott and Team SoloMid player Gary “Break” Marshall heavily promoted the first-person-perspective which lead to a heated discussion between both camps. However, a real factual discussion did never happen since most FPP supporters have been far more vocal about their opinions than the TPP supporters.

While it has been unclear which game mode is preferred by the top competitive players just a few weeks ago, Auzom launched their Premier League with a system that alternates TPP and FPP on a weekly basis while the results go into a combined leaderboard. It is unlikely that Auzom will follow the request of several players to change the current season to a pure first-person-perspective competition. However, it is quite likely that the Auzom Premier League’s first season will be the last top-level third-person-perspective competition for the nearer future. Auzom’s two main competitors, PUBGOnline and Legends Arena already shifted their main competitions from third-person to first-person.

A split between competitive and casual gameplay?

The first official PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS’ offline event, the Gamescom Invitational, already featured some adaptions to the public servers. Besides the reduced number of players competing, the red zones got turned off. A few weeks later, during the Curse Trials, the spawn rate of ARs and ammunition were doubled. The feedback from the participants has been very positive towards that change. Additionally, to those adaptations, a split between TPP and FPP in competitive play could cause a full split of the community. Some fear that a specific game mode with adjusted settings that are far different from the public servers could cause viewers to lose interest since the game is so different from their personal gaming experience. As a reference, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions are also run on servers with a different configuration than the public matchmaking servers.

Update 09/30/2017 17:03 CET: After a voting among all the teams participating in the Auzom Premier League it was decided that the league format will be changed to a pure first-person-perspective competition with immediate effect.

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