Satorius: “I will give everything I have so that we’ll stay in the EU LCS”

After another loss for Origen, we sat down with their Toplaner Satorius to talk about the game, the improvements that Origen have made and his hopes for the Summer Split.

Thank you very much for your time, how do you feel after the game?

​I feel okay, the match outcome didn’t matter too much in the end. Nonetheless, we did show a lot of progress and that’s what matters most. We’re showing more and more synergy, so we’re definitely on the right track. I think we showed good promise for the promotion tournament.

You earned quite a lot of praise on social media for this performance, are you happy with your game?

Not really to be honest. I think I still could’ve improved my communication and there were a few things gameplay-wise that I would like to improve in the future.

What specifically would you like to improve?

In the second game, I missed a flash-ultimate with Gragas, due to a misclick. That was a pretty huge mistake since we could’ve gotten quite a bit of control over the game from that point onwards. I should’ve communicated my plays better as well.

You sound very self-critical, that’s not something you hear that often from players. Is that a trait that you personally value a lot?

Definitely. Every player can always improve, even Faker. But only if you see your own mistakes and work on them, you’ll be a better player. That’s what I’m working on.

I suppose that’s a trait that makes a lot of good players so good in the first place.

Hopefully, yeah (laughs)

This was your first split in the LCS, one might say it wasn’t the best of splits for Origen. Was there something you really enjoyed about this Spring Split though?

It definitely was a lot of fun and a great experience for sure! The first weeks were pretty hard for because I was very nervous, I had to play against Toplane legends like Vizicsacsi or Odoamne. Since then I’ve slowly found my sweet spot and I’d say I’m a pretty solid player now, as a Mid-Tier Toplaner in the EU LCS. I’m pretty happy that I already know which things I can improve already, so I can’t wait for the next split to start. I’ll try to be one of the best Toplaners in the region by then!

Before the next split starts, there will be a promotion tournament, however. Surprisingly enough, Schalke 04 won’t be competing for an LCS spot. What was the team’s reaction when Schalke lost to Misfits Academy?

It was definitely surprising to see Schalke failing to perform on-stage. They have Vander, a true leader who has been to the Worlds semi-finals, they have SmittyJ, Loulex, a former LCS player who’s been to Worlds as well and Selfie who’s a really talented player as well. They had a pretty huge lineup and I guess they were under so much pressure that they couldn’t perform like they did in the previous. Nonetheless, all of their players are pretty good and we were pretty relieved once we knew that we didn’t have to face them.

You now have to face either Misfits Academy or Fnatic Academy, which team would you personally prefer to face?

I think that we’d have higher chances against Misfits Academy since their Macro isn’t as good as Fnatic Academy’s Macro. FNA has a lot of really experienced players like MrRallez, Amazing and Kikis, so they have good shotcalling for sure.

MFA, on the other hand, has really talented players, players with good mechanics and champion pools. That said, I still think we’d have higher chances winning against them, but we should be able to beat either team.

What are you hoping for the Summer Split? What needs to change for Origen?

I think a lot of things have changed already, once we got our new jungler we’ve been doing really well, in scrims too. Our synergy and Macro game are constantly improving, which I think you can see from our last game as well. I think we can manage to get into playoffs next split.

Wow, that’s a pretty huge statement! Let’s talk about Cinkrof a bit, has he improved the team environment a lot? How does he perform in scrims?

He’s consistently getting better. Both him and I are rookies, so both of us still have quite a lot to learn. I think he showed a really strong performance on stage today and if we continue to improve like this, we’ll manage to become a really strong team.

What’s the most important lesson you personally draw from your first LCS split?

The stage experience is really, really important. I was so nervous when I first started playing on stage, but now I’m finally at a point where I can confidently play even outside of scrims.

What would you recommend any rookie coming into the EU LCS?

I’d recommend them to always strive to improve. It’s the most important skill a player can have. The mindset can very often define a player.

Anything you’d like to say to the Origen fans?

I’m well aware that we’re struggling at the moment, but I will give everything I have so that we’ll stay in the EU LCS and that we’ll be able to show what our team can do once the Summer Split comes around.

Thank you for your time!

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