Romain Bigeard joins the LEC Business Development team and will appear on the LEC broadcast in 2019

Former Unicorns of Love and Optic Gaming League of Legends General Manager Romain Bigeard has officially joined the LEC Business Development team.

He will also appear on the LEC 2019 Season broadcast for a “few surprises on air and on stage”.

Romain is most famously known for his creative and flamboyant costumes, often times wearing them on stage. Below, we have a wide array of amazing costumes he’s presented to League of Legends fans over the years:

1. The classic UoL Romain – photoshoot made for an exclusive, in-depth interview done with The Shotcaller

Photograph taken by: Michal Konkol. You can find his website here:


2. MSI 2018 Romain

Image courtesy of Riot Games


3. Dark Horse Romain for EU LCS Spring Split 2017 Finals

Image courtesy of Riot Games


4. Marseillaise Romain for EU LCS Summer Split Finals 2017

Photograph taken by: The Shotcaller


Bonus: EU > NA Romain


Welcome home Romain <3

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