Betsy: “If Syndra and Orianna would not be in the game, the drafting process would be much harder.”

Congratulations! Do you feel good right now?

Yes, obviously. But we do not have a lot to play for since this is still the split where nothing has been going that well and now we do fine in the end. Nevertheless, I feel good right now, yes.

Are you guys only able to play from behind and never from the front?

Honestly this whole split I felt like we are playing from behind. I think we are not expected to win most of the games. I never really knew what to expect from a match.

Last week you lost against Mysterious Monkeys who are seen as the weakest team in the group and today you won against Unicorns of Love who are perceived as the best team in your group.

I know, it’s weird. But things will work out I guess. Before I personally felt really bad and I was not playing well which was mostly due to a lack of motivation, not feeling very comfortable playing at all. But now it’s getting better for me and there are some dedicated players in the team so that’s something.

Good to hear. When you talk about “some players” I guess it’s Hjarnan, right?

No. I think Pridestalker is really motived right now and wants to get better. You can clearly see it ingame. In my opinion, he is one of the top performers in our team. Also, Phaxi is playing quite a lot.

It’s said that the recent changes in patch 7.14 very positively impacted your game in the scrims?

Yes, for sure. I think this patch fits us really well. We were able to adapt to the meta really quick and so we are a bit ahead of other teams. As long as we adapt our play to the meta setting we will probably do well for the rest of the games.

You guys picked Kayn in the second game and didn’t look to do very well with him. What was the reason you picked him in the first place?

We had different results with that champion and to be honest I’m not a fan of Kayn but we will see how it goes in further scrims. We were not able to try him out too much but we felt comfortable because of the win and just gave it a try. Maybe it is a good champion but I’m not convinced yet.

What do you think about the general meta changes especially after patch 7.14?

Honestly, this patch affected us only a bit. We now know better what champions to pick and adapted quickly to the meta. It has been a big patch of course with many changes but most of them did not really affect us I think. We just grasped the meta better than other teams.

In what ways were you able to grasp the meta better than others?

We know what to prioritize. We know what is overpowered. Some champs that we didn’t think of before. That’s the thing.

Were you happy that the hotfix of the Duskblade went live pretty quickly?

For me, it does not really matter because I have not been playing that type of champions anyway. I still think the Duskblade has been slightly broken before the fix so that’s good.

Do you personally feel the midlane meta is fun right now? Do you think it’s versatile?

I think that the midlane meta is kind of the same for about a year now. Syndra is obviously the best midlane champion during all that time and there are some save midlaners like Orianna who has no counter picks. Normally I would not like that kind of meta that much personally but for me, since I’m not doing that well currently it’s fine.

When will we see Swain again?

I would love to pick him but since the change of Abysaal Scepter it is really hard to make the champion work.

Fair enough. Dopa/Apdo also said that Orianna is  the most broken champion since she has no counter pick. It has been an issue for years now. Do you think that this champion will ever get fixed or that Riot has a way to give her a counter pick?

I don’t think Orianna is broken but she is a really solid champion that you can choose when you have to blind pick. That is kind of necessary for drafting to be easier. If Syndra and Orianna would not be in the game I think the drafting process would be much harder.

So is Orianna the way how Riot balances blind picking?

Yes, I would say so. I don’t that it was Riot’s intention but for now that is how it works out.

What are your own and your teams expectations for the remaining split now? Maybe another streak like we’ve seen last season?

To be honest we did not have any expectations anymore but now after the victory over Unicorns of Love we might regain some hope and some motivation for the future games. We will see about the streak but I hope so for sure!

Would be great to see! Anything you would like to say to your fans or the ROCCAT fans?

I think it has been pretty hard to support me since it hasn’t been going that well. So a big thank you to all the fans who are still cheering for me even if I’m not performing on top.

Thank you very much for your time!

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