Judging by the Jersy: Ranking all of the NA LCS teams by their Jersey Designs

In a previous article, I rated all of the EU LCS teams by their jersey designs – now it’s time for the NA LCS teams who are of course swimming in money! Surely that means the overall quality and originality of the jersey designs must have improved as well? Well… Partially.

If you are wondering which NA LCS jerseys you should consider wearing in public, Darius has got you covered!

10th: 100 Thieves

Photograph by: Riot Games

What. What is this? Is this supposed to look like a baseball jersey? Because it looks more like a nightshirt rather than anything I’d wear in public. It looks so incredibly baggy, it even makes full-time smite god and part-time twink Meteos look fat. I can’t even go into detail on the design because the overall feel is screaming “What do you mean we have no more weed?” at me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see something original. But this is not something I’d recommend wearing, ever. Unless your name is Jeffrey Lebowski, there’s no chance you’d be able to pull off this look.


9th: Flyquest

Photograph by: Riot Games

Interestingly enough, Flyquest’s jersey design was at least partially decided by the community – proving that you shouldn’t always let people vote when it comes to crucial decisions (looking at you Battlecast Illaoi).

Green and Yellow is just a very questionable colour-combination and the jersey itself looks very… baggy? As if the team ordered XL-sized kits for people that wear M or S in their free time.

8. Optic Gaming

Photograph by: Riot Games

Never change a running system is a theory that should only be applied when the system actually works. As for Optic’s jersey, it’s the standard esports look and doesn’t stand out whatsoever.

The thin lines are okay and the national badge definitely adds a nice little touch, but overall there is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that makes this jersey different from others.

7. Echo Fox

Photograph by: Riot Games

Even though the Foxies (Can we start calling them that? Foxies? Please?) are putting in a stellar performance right now, their jersey has issues. To put it simple, it’s very overloaded with… Stuff. We see four different colours used, if you account for two distinct shades or orange, and there’s seemingly no clear vision.

Why is one of the sleeves in a different colour than the other? Aren’t 5 different sponsor names a tad too much? This kit is simply overloaded.

6. Clutch Gaming

Photograph by: Riot Games

I can appreciate the idea of going with a computer-/wire-themed kit, but the execution is relatively poor. The grey looks blandish, which is a shame. Had they gone for a more extreme combination, say white wires on a black background, I think this could’ve been a really unique yet appealing jersey.

As it stands, the red tones are nice, but they don’t make up for the overall “meh” feel I have for this. That said, a Clutch Gaming piece of clothing I’d highly recommend is their sweater: There’s a reason why Febiven’s seemingly always wearing it!

Photograph by: Riot Games

5. Counter Logic Gaming

Photograph by: Riot Games

While CLG’s jersey definitely isn’t bad, it really isn’t all that special either. The blue stripe outlines the overall clean look, the Omen by HP and CLG logo harmonize well with one another due to a similar size and shape.

The fact that this is another jersey with an oversized logo on it bothers me though, and I do have to wonder why they didn’t stick with the honey cone-aesthetic they had previously. There were some fantastic design ideas in this former 5-Hour-Energy contest:

4. Cloud9

Photograph by: Riot Games

Why did C9 lose the off-season? Clearly because their jersey is not good looking enough!

Luckily for them, both of these statements are very untrue. I mean, just look at this picture: Everyone, with the exception of Sneaky, who of course is used to getting in a Maid’s Dress instead, looks really good in it. There’s a nice sense of balance between the blue and the white, the logo doesn’t distract and lends itself nicely to be oversized.

The kit works with black pants, grey ones should do the job also. The only thing I specifically dislike is the black fill-in to emulate a different shape of the collar. It’s a very solid look, even though the light blue might not suit everyone.


3. Team Liquid

Photograph by: Riot Games

Black and white are a timeless combination, Team Liquid’s jersey is no exception to that rule. I love how the black background also accentuates the green Monster logo, giving it a very clear presence, without bloating up the size. In fact, the logo is not just there to suit the advertiser, but suits itself to be part of the overall design. As if the Monster logo was originally a part of the design anyway.

The jersey is clean, precise and the logo is relatively unique by itself. The badge is in a perfect position to be noticeable without taking away from the overall look.

PS: While it doesn’t add anything to the placement of this jersey, I’d like to give a shout-out to Team Liquid for putting Dennis “Internethulk” Hawelka’s Gamertag on the shoulder area. A really kind gesture.


2. Team SoloMid

Photograph by: Riot Games

Hate them or love them, TSM are kings when it comes to branding and their jersey are the perfect example of this: It’s clean. The Logo is in the best position. The sleeves are sleek. But they not only got the basics right, they went far beyond that:

Look at that collar. That little TSM logo? I should be casting right now, because this is Amazing stuff. The collar shape in general is fantastic and unique in esports. And that pattern. Look at the pattern. This a jersey worth nutting over. Figuratively, of course.

1. Golden Guardians

Photograph by: Riot Games

Despite the fact that the Golden Guardians are a bottom-tier team, also known as the “All-American Rejects” as I cheekily call them, they have not one but two top-tier jerseys at their disposal. And while the yellow main jersey might not outshine their opponents, their dark blue kit is a thing of beauty.

Photograph by: Riot Games

Yellow and blue will always be a match-made in heaven, the logo itself is interesting enough to start conversations and the stripes present on the away kit will improve the way the form of your body is perceived.

But why did this get the top spot over TSM’s fantastic jersey? Because it does what wearing sports jerseys in public is supposed to: Generate attention. Have a touch of leisure and royalty. Whether it’s the yellow or blue version, you’ll be bound to draw more eyes onto you than the black-and-white TSM apparel. So make no mistake – if you want to go just for the looks, this one is the jersey to order ASAP.

This is it from me, but if you liked this article, make sure to check out “Judging by the Jersey: EU LCS edition“!


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