The First PUBG Roster Shuffle: GCore, Kinguin, And Method Involved

Less than two weeks prior the IEM PUBG Oakland Invitational, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS’ second major event, different top-tier teams are conducting player transfers.

The first transfer takes place between Team Kinguin and Gorilla Core Esports. Gorilla Core’s former team captain Max “MeToR” Lion will be replaced by David “Fuzzface” Tillberg Persson coming from Team Kinguin. While Gorilla Core did not communicate the transfer yet, Team Kinguin announced the departure of David “fuzzface” Tillberg and Harry “LaytoN” Layton.

This announcement leads to the second transfer between Team Kinguin and Method. Without any notification from either Method’s management or the remaining team members, former team captain Mario “RaptorDaRaptor” Joos got removed from the line-up and replaced by Harry “LaytoN” Layton coming from Team Kinguin. RaptorDaRaptor already announced that this is just the start of his career and that he will be back with a new line-up very soon.

The two remaining players for Team Kinguin, Jord “ibiza” van Geldere and Mathias “Larsen” Winther Larsen will most likely be joined by Gaxyy and Lore.

Gorilla Core, as well as Method, are among the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational invitees. There are several rules in place that restrict certain types of player transfers during an ongoing competition.

Apparently, there is an exception to the rule under the second bullet point. While “a player can only play for one team in every event (including its qualifiers), there is a “special exception from this rule […] if the player or his team can clearly prove that this change is permanent (i.e. by presenting a valid contract).” The Shotcaller has learned that Gorilla Core’s roster change is only temporary which would mean that it is against the rules. We’ve contacted the ESL and Bluehole for clarification and will keep you updated!

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