PUBG Pro Leagues for EU, NA, KR, and CN

During the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI) media day, the publisher PUBG Corp announced Pro Leagues for the upcoming 2019 season. Overall, “2019 will mark year one for PUBG esports”, company CEO Chang Han Kim announced during his presentation.

The first four regions to receive a PUBG Pro League will be Europe, North America, Korea, and China. More regions might follow suit starting in 2020. While there is very little information on how the Pro Leagues will be structured, PUBG Crop declared that they are currently not aiming for a franchise system but rather an open league. The four regional leagues will ramp up into the first PUBG World Championship, taking place in November or December 2019.

More information on the Pro Leagues as well as the World Championship will be revealed throughout Q4 2018.

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