What are the pros’ favourite drop zones?

We have asked six hand-picked players about their favorite drop zones in PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS squad games. Fuzzface, Prophie, PaaaRADOX, Real_Paddy, Haxete and Venerated are ranked among the top 10 on their respective server and recently secured top placements in the first PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS tournaments.

So which drop zones do our selected pros prefer after all?

David “Fuzzface” Persson, whose team has recently been signed by Team Kinguin, told us that his favorite drop zone is Yasnaya Polyana. He even loves it! While the majority of player goes for the northern apartment buildings or the police station Fuzzface does not have a specific spot to land at. Due to the high density of building he and his team have the opportunity to look out for some houses in a certain distance to the closest rivals. That way he eliminates the risk of ending up right next to an enemy and leave it to chance who finds a weapon first.

Despite some playing on different servers and of course in different teams, Real_Paddy, Magno “Prophie” Ramos and Garrett “PaaaRADOX” Smith told us that their favorite drop zone is the area around South Georgopol. PaaaRADOX especially likes to go to the hospital which is known for providing immense gun loot and offers a good overview of South Georgopol including the ship containers. Real_Paddy goes straight for the apartment buildings located in the middle of South Georgopol. Those apartments get him close to the action plus having a still quite good overview of the area. If Prophie and Real_Paddy would join the same game only one would make it out alive. He favors the six two-story buildings right on the northern side of the apartment buildings.

Adrian “Haxete” Blom and his team do not have a clear favorite when it comes to drop zones. The preferred areas Hexete named are Novorepnoye and the Sosnovka Military Base. In case the route of the plane doesn’t allow them to parachute there they are also fine with Yasnaya Polyana. Overall ship containers seem to attract Haxete and his team.

Last but not least Zach “Venerated” Roach revealed his favorite drop zones and the necessary strategy to be successful in those zones. He and his team prefer to stay away from the big towns. They spread out and loot the smaller compounds in the Gatka area or between the two bridges on the south coast of the mainland.

What can we learn from these approaches?

Apparently, all the selected pros and their respective teams follow a confident approach when choosing their drop zones.

Even though the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS development team’s focus is currently on improving the client performance and server stability the recent monthly patches had an immense impact on the gameplay and shifted the meta entirely.
During the Early Access Season #1 most high ranked players aimed for the garages with a granted car spawn. Once they got their hands on a vehicle they made their way off the route of the plane to a considerably safer area. As you can see no one of the top-ranked players follows that approach anymore. Instead, they aim for drop zones that are easy to reach and provide some kind of advantage over players in the surrounding area.

A great number of people did and still does avoid Yasnaya Polyana simply due to technical reasons. The high density of buildings plus the wide fields behind the town is extremely demanding for the system and cause low FPS. The same is true for North Georgopol, just not to the same extreme extent.

The following map sums up the pros’ favorite drop zones. Specific buildings and areas are marked red. The orange circles indicate preferred areas with a high density of buildings or the separate compounds that Venerated mentioned in his strategy above. 

Generally, it’s to be said that the best drop zones are subject to constant change. As soon as a tactic is trending it becomes obsolete. Only those who set the trends will be successful in the long run.

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