PowerOfEvil: “Sometimes I watch Apdo or BDD to get some ideas for new Champion Picks”

In a huge upset, Misfits took down the Unicorns of Love with a 3-0 sweep. We spoke to their Midlaner PowerOfEvil about the series, how he got Maxlore to pick Poppy Jungle and what his expectations are for the remaining playoffs games. 

First, congratulations! It’s been an incredible series. Nobody expected a clean sweep in that match. Have you guys been just too good today or have the Unicorns been just too bad?

We caught a really strong day. Also, the scrims last week went very well for us. We had very good results versus Fnatic and G2 which led to us going into the match against UoL with quite some confidence. Additionally, we won every draft against the Unicorns. We had a clear idea of what champions UoL would prioritize and so I got the champion I desired in every of the three matches against Exileh.

In the first match, I played Cassiopeia and UoL had a quite strong team composition against me. They ran Trundle with the pillar and Rumble with his ultimate slow. This means I had almost no impact on the game. Eventually Hans Sama showed up and proved that he really wants to compete in his hometown Paris. In my opinion, he carried that game on his own. He showed a really strong performance with his Pentakill to end the game.

For the second game, I really wanted to pick Lucian and we have been quite surprised that UoL picked Kassadin into it. To be fair a lot of Midlane champions have been banned so there barely was a way around off-meta picks but Kassadin has been one of the worst options. With only melee attacks and his magic shield while only Lucian’s W deals magic damage. So that pick basically made no sense. With that winning Midlane matchup Maxlore and I were free to do whatever we wanted pretty much all game long.

What did you think about Maxlore’s jungle picks in general? Poppy has been relatively surprising. Then he picked Kayne but he performed well on both champions.

I’ve told him a couple of days ago that Poppy is overpowered against Zac and that it’s being played quite frequently in the LCK solo queue. I also suggested that he should maybe start to practice with her a little bit but he hasn’t really been a fan even though he admitted Poppy is really strong against Zac. After that, we have never scrimmed with Poppy and I believe he only played one solo queue game with her but then today he came up with the suggestion to pick Poppy and we decided to give it a go. As it turns out, it wasn’t the worst decision we could have made.

Do you actively follow the Korean meta or where do you get your information from?

Sometimes I watch PoV videos from Abdo or BDD. There also translation videos where the players are streaming so you can better relate to what he is doing and why. But most of the information comes from Korean players in the EU. When somebody like Nagne or Profit comes up to me and tells me what is currently played in Korea that’s always really helpful.

Following up on this, do you try to somewhat adapt your play to the Korean solo queue?

Well, not 100% percent but you get an idea of what is trending and what’s worth to try out. Not everything is transferable to EU LCS. The Irelia pick, for example, has been very successful in Korea but it didn’t work out here.

What are your expectations for the playoffs? You are probably going to face Fnatic but H2k is also possible. How do you see Misfit’s chances against these two teams?

I don’t have a favourite team to face there. Both teams are very strong with skilled Midlaners. I think I had a better performance against Febiven. Maxlore already said in a Riot interview that if we win against Fnatic we are pretty much 100% through to Worlds. That’s why I would prefer to face Fnatic first.

Of course, Worlds is the huge goal you are working towards. Misfits have always been seen as a team that can possibly upset every team in the EU LCS but not really as a serious Worlds contender. What do you think are the reason for Misfits being arguably underrated?

Our team structure and our team atmosphere have changed a lot. Hans Sama and Alphari are only 17 years old and play their first split in the EU LCS so they have to gain experience first. For Maxlore it’s the third split I guess so you can already consider him experienced. Before that, we had KaKAO in our team who also had a lot of experience but unfortunately, he didn’t speak English well enough to really make it count within the team. IgNar and I made most of the calls and within our new roster, the communication structure within the team improved a lot. Additionally Hans Sama and Alphari stepped up a lot within the previous weeks and in my opinion, both can take the carry role at least in some games but in other games, you can still notice their lack of experience.

Did your team change anything in terms of practise towards the playoffs?

Yes, we have been practicing best-of-fives or just played five games with only small breaks lately. Further, we shook off a lot of pressure. Maxlore just recently took the word and said that we just have to stay true to ourselves and stay confident. No matter of the environment we are still competing at the same game and if we all give our very best there will be nothing to regret.

Can you name a thing that you would still like to improve within the team in order to be perfectly prepared for Worlds?

We can still improve our communication. In terms of game knowledge, all of us understand certain situations really well and know how to respond. At times, we struggle to adapt to new situations which we didn’t expect and we get in trouble adapting to those situations. When someone makes a call it still happens from time to time that somebody else is asking if the person who made the call is really sure about it. I see this as a lack of confidence and as a result a lack of decisiveness within the team. These problems will be solved through experience and success.

Despite that room for improvement do you think the qualification for Worlds is still a realistic goal?

Sure, it is. This is also my personal goal after I missed it the two previous years. I’ve barely missed it with Unicorns of Love but right now we are just one step away. After than 3-0 series over UoL I also believe that we are confident enough to beat Fnatic or H2k.

Is there anything you would like to address towards your fans or the Misfits fans?

Thank you really much for your lovely support. I believe I have the best fans behind me since even when I lost I don’t receive any angry comments and everyone stays really supportive. I’m really happy about that.

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