PowerOfEvil: “Splyce, H2k, Unicorns and us (Misfits) are all A-tier, whereas Fnatic and G2 are S-tier”

After a surprisingly close 2-1 against Ninjas in Pyjamas, we talked to the Misfits Midlaner PowerOfEvil about the EU LCS Group Standings, his hopes for playoffs, his Sjokzing Around episode and his Nashor’s Tooth addiction. Enjoy!

Congratulations on the win! How do you feel?

Really relieved. At the end, we almost missed out on regional playoffs, but we made it. Very happy about that.

The last two weeks must’ve been pretty disappointing to you, were you able to shake off the losses?

I think Fnatic and G2 just outclassed us. They’re way better than us. We need to improve a lot over the next two weeks in order to challenge and eventually beat them. The series against Splyce was really frustrating since we were winning but made one bad decision which lost us the series. It’s not that frustrating actually since I think we won that series and we only lost it due to one small mistake that isn’t going to happen again. I’m more frustrated about our losses against G2 and Fnatic.

You’re now third in your group which means you’ll most likely end up playing against Splyce or the Unicorns, maybe H2k depending on who out of H2k and UoL win their series. Out of those three teams, who would you prefer for the first round of playoffs right now?

I actually don’t care because I personally think that Fnatic and G2 are the best teams right now. They’re the strongest. I’d be happy about facing any of the three mentioned teams. I think Splyce, H2k, Unicorns and us (Misfits) are all A-tier, whereas Fnatic and G2 are S-tier. I think we can beat all of them, had good showings against all of them, even though we lost some of the games.

You did lose against all three teams though…?

We lost against all of them, but all the games were really close. Taking the series against H2k as an example, we lost both games but both games we had a 10k gold lead. So it’s not like we don’t have a chance against them if we do have to play them. I think we have a good shot at playoffs.

You’re currently 8-1 on Orianna. Do you think that it’s pretty banworthy from the other team’s perspective?

(laughs) I think it’s pretty banworthy, yeah. Orianna is one of the most broken Midlaners in the current meta and you can pick her into pretty much every matchup and win it. I think if you play against Orianna, you need to have thousands of games played against Orianna, otherwise you’ll just lose lane.

That’s fair, but why do you keep building Nashor’s Tooth though?! What’s the secret here, explain yourself!

(laughs) I don’t know. It obviously depends on my bases, but when I see the opportunity to pick it up, I buy it. It’s really strong against frontline-backline fights since you deal more consistent damage. In the first game where I picked it, the enemy team had Janna, Caitlyn, so lots of kite-back and disengage. So we’re not supposed to one-shot the backline with a shockwave. With Nashor’s Tooth you consistently deal damage and still have the threat of a shockwave that is a little bit less bursty.

Makes a surprising amount of sense. I wonder why no one else is doing it then?

Yeah, I wonder that as well. Nashor’s Tooth enables a lot of matchups that you’re supposed to lose. For example, Lucian is a matchup you’re supposed to lose, but with this item build, you’re winning.

So, you got to do an episode of Sjokzing Around! What was that like?

It was fun! I came out of the gaming house, had my routine shaken up a bit, having fun and socialize for the day, I don’t know, just sjokzing around! (laughs) So… We played minigolf. Please don’t judge my minigolf skills please. (laughs)

Sjkoz was just too OP!

It wasn’t fair! There were too many cameras so there was too much pressure on me! And Sjokz also said she didn’t practice beforehand but I think that’s a lie. (laughs) Judging from her skills, there’s just no different solution to this!

She was really good at it, even when having to use her arms instead of her hands.

Yeah, she was better with her arms than I was with my hands! I should stick to League of Legends. (laughs)

This topic somewhat ties in with the current reddit debate of EU players supposedly having little to no personality. Would you agree or disagree with that?

No, I think EU tries to showcase the player’s personalities a lot more these days and that’s a good thing. I think it’s working out. There’s a way higher amount of hype and banter videos than before, which I think is a good thing.

I was never a big fan of these banter videos personally, but I think they help fans getting hyped up. The only thing I don’t like is when you banter on twitter after winning the match. I find that disrespectful. You won the match anyway, you’ve proven that you’re the better player and team, so don’t rub it in.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Misfits fans?

I’d like to thank everyone supporting us and want you to let you know that we’ll work hard over the next two weeks so we’ll show a good performance during playoffs.

Thank you very much for your time!

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