OMG lionkk on the secret behind their performance: “Easy – everyone on our roster performed as he should.”

OMG! That sums up your performance today. How do you feel after that strong performance today? How confident are you that you can stay at the top tomorrow?

Today, I’m very satisfied with our performance. I think we played our games almost flawless, so we are very flawless to become the champions tomorrow.

You arrived almost 2 weeks ahead of the competition to bootcamp. How exactly did you prepare?

We rented a gaming house and played scrims with the European teams almost every day. However, the scrims went not as good as we expected but we got familiar with their rhythm, the way they approach the game.

How big is the staff on the team and how do they support you?

Besides us four players we brought one manager, two coaches, and three videographers.

You yourself were able to secure 24 kills throughout the four games today. As a team, it was 55 kills. That alone are 825 points. That’s an insane number of kills. What’s the secret?

Easy – everyone on our roster performed as he should. It’s been almost flawless, and we worked very well as a team.

There are many Chinese fans here at the arena. Does their support motivate you even more to make those aggressive plays?

Some of the fans here are local students, some are actually from mainland China. They encourage us a lot with their support!

The Western teams were confident that they would dominate the FPP. With a #1, #2, #1, #1 track record you ruthlessly crushed their dreams. How does that make you feel?

We really respect the players from Europe and North America. We learned a lot about all the players in this tournament. Team Liquid, WTSG, Knights, Ghost and Team Gates are really, really strong. They are a very worrying competition.

China has a huge PUBG player base. Can you quickly walk us through how the competitive landscape is structured and how strong the competition is?

We know that PUBG is more popular in China than it is outside of China. We also heard that around 50% of all PUBG players are from China.

You had so many chicken dinners today. You are 850 points ahead of WTSG who are in the second place right now. Are you still hungry for kills or will you play it safe tomorrow?

We want to enjoy that game and for us, that means playing aggressively. Even on the top of the standings, we won’t hold back tomorrow.

You previously won the PUBG China Pro Invitational FPP competition. What’s your take on the different game modes?

Since I’ve been a CS:GO player before I strongly prefer FPP.

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