Parkes’ NA LCS Team of the Week – Even going 1-1, Ssumdaddy is just too good to overlook

After showing off the best players over the last two days, I present to you the Team of the Week, which are my top picks for each role throughout the course of the weekend. These picks are 100% proven the best, it’s objective fact. If you would like to dispute them, follow the tweet below to get your own template and let us know who you’d choose instead.

Anyway, here they are!

Toplane: Ssumday

While he and 100T only won 1 of their 2 games, Ssumday was an absolute monster. With an 11 KDA against Huni in their win and a 6 KDA against the TSM squad in their loss, he was a force to be reckoned with. He isn’t the strongest in lane, but by the time mid game rolls around, there is a 600% chance he is the best player on the Rift. Licorice and Dhokla (?? or Allorim?) will have their work cut out for them next week to keep him contained!

Jungle: Svenskeren

I mean… Why not? He may have a smaller sample size, but watching the Lee Sven Legend was an absolute pleasure after seeing Mr. Pocket Pick Dardoch completely unable to perform on the champ. With brilliant inSecs launching low health foes out of the Kindred ult, and amazing Svenergy with the team – despite being “benched” – Svenskeren reminded us why he is able to play at the highest level. Even better, it brings the question, “What move will Reapered make next in his S(e)venD chess game?”

Midlane: Keane

I was tempted to throw the King himself up here, but then I remembered Keane counter picking Febiven and rolling over the game, and it was just no contest. After going 0-2 last week, FlyQuest clearly had to pick it up, and Keane did just that! Performing on two champs we hadn’t seen from him this season, Keane ended with 6.66 KDA! …. Wait… Um, Keane? Little Devil Teemo confirmed week 9?


This guy CHANGED his build from AP to AD halfway through the game and still managed to hard carry. It’s these types of crazy mindsets we need to propel NA into EU tier status. He got to do Turtle things on Kaisa, diving into the backline, and then got to be the most beautiful Queen of the Freljord. With those two wins, they are all but locked-in to playoffs. Having missed the playoffs the past two splits, he is sure to come out guns blazing Week 9.

Support: Mithy

After getting the main brunt of the “TSM Sucks” flak, Mithy showed true mettle and played much closer to his normal strengths this week. He may not have had the best KDA, but he did what his team needed him to do and was an integral part of their wins! From a few perfect Braum ults to flashing in front of Ssumday’s cleaver to save the kill (and maybe the game), Mithy was back on form. It wasn’t Bjergsen and 4 wards this weekend! Nope! Mithy placed 109 wards in their game against 100 Thieves. (Aphro only threw down 86.) Take that salty Redditors!

Honorable mentions go to Reapered for somehow having very long, poofy sleeves with lots of hidden cards in them, and to Shelly, who gave up her life – but not her Eyeball Power (official name) – multiple times to help keep the mid-game INTeresting.

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