The Entire Out Of The Blue Team Revealed – Including In-Game Rankings

The all-female League of Legends team “Out of the Blue” (OOB) has turned quite a few heads in the past weeks. Partially because many League of Legends fans felt reminded of Team Siren, another all-female team with a similar logo. After announcing their team captain and Toplaner Sophie “Ayunie” Phan, OOB now announced their complete roster.

The Shotcaller has tried to find all of the yet to be announced Out of the Blue members and was able to find every player, with the exception of the Support. Furthermore, sources close to the team told that OOB does not intend to participate in the CS or LCS. However, the team considers themselves as a professional team with the guiding principles “We’re Dedicated – We’re One – We’re Fun”. Overall the whole organization behind the team seems to be in a very early stage. While the roster got already announced via Twitter, the website only lists the formerly announced team captain Ayunie.


Name: Sophie “Ayunie” Phan
Nationality: French
Most-played champion: Miss Fortune
ELO: Diamond 5
LoLKing profile:


Name: Laiyla
Nationality: German
Most-played champion: Ahri
ELO: Diamond 5
LoLKing profile:


Name: Valynora
Nationality: German
Most-played Champion: Ahri
ELO: Diamond 3
LoLKing profile:


Name: Shivaun
Nationality: Italian
Most-played champion: Caitlyn
ELO: Diamond 5
LoLKing profile:


Name: Shiny
Nationality: French
Most-played champion: Unknown
ELO: Unknown


Pictured below, from left to right:

Valynora, Laiyla, Shiny, Ayunie, Shivaun, and Steve

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