Origen is making hints to come back to the EU LCS

UPDATE 3: The owner of Splyce has responded to Jacob’s tweets, saying that he heard no such thing.

Additionally, Marc Schnell from Riot Games also responded to the situation:

UPDATE 2: Jacob Wolf has disclosed that, according to league sources, Riot Games used Origen as an example of “bad partnership” in an owners conference.

UPDATE: Former Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa has retweeted Origen’s two recent tweets, which could hint at an investment from the retired football player into the organisation.

The Spanish esports organisation Origen has posted two tweets that hint a comeback of the organisation.

Earlier today, they retweeted a tweet from 2014, saying that fans are supposed to “stay tuned” for upcoming news:

Additionally, they also put out a new tweet with the Hashtag “OGresurrection”:

Given that these statements come one day after Riot officially announced their plans for the future of the EU LCS, which includes a permanent partnership, the connection seems clear.

Origen have previously participated in the EU LCS in 2015, 2016, and Spring of 2017, when they got relegated from the EU LCS. They became famous for making the 2015 Worlds Semifinals, with their roster consisting of sOAZ, Amazing, Xpeke, Zven, and Mithy.

Their relegation in Spring 2017 was followed by a relegation from the European Challenger Series in Summer 2017. The team was previously listed as “Disbanded” on Leaguepedia.

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