Obsess about joining Misfits: “I drew the jackpot having Maxlore as my mentor. He is by far the best teacher you could ask for as a Rookie.”

Hi Obsess! First up, tell us a bit about yourself; for how long have you been playing League, what are your favorite junglers, anything that Misfits fans should know about you?

Hey everyone, my name is Patrick, better known as Obsess, and I’m the new in-house substitute jungler for misfits. Im currently 20 years old and I’ve been playing League of Legends since Season 2. My favorite junglers currently are Kha’Zix and Graves on the carry side and then Trundle for the more supportive picks.

How did you get in contact with Misfits and what was the process like of getting into the team?

The first time I heard about the misfits “offer” was through someone in high elo who said that there was a rumour going around that misfits was looking for an in-house substitute for the jungle position for the summer split. Shortly after I heard this rumor, I met Maxlore in SoloQ and added him after the game (I lost within 10 minutes) and said in a joking manner that he should consider me for the inhouse position so this won’t happen again to which he simply responded with a “;-)”.

I kept questioning him about the spot to which he responded that I should contact their manager Innerflame because he couldn’t speak about it. Shortly after, I DM’ed Joe on twitter and asked him if the rumours are true and if there’s anything special I could do to make myself stand out compared to the others. He said that he’s been watching my soloq games and that I was on his radar for a while now. After that, there was a downtime between the initial DM and the decision being made of about a month until I finally got the confirmation that I got the spot.

This is your first time living in a Gaming House – what has it been like so far?

It’s my second time actually! I was living in spain with PGM for 1 ½ months before. The transition has been relatively easy, a lot of that is because of the way the team interacts though. They have been very supportive ever since I arrived and made me feel very welcomed since the first minute. Whether it’s by asking me to go out for dinner or just in general by including me in general talks.

You’re the substitute for Maxlore, one of the most highly-rated Junglers in the league right now. What is your relationship like with him, and can you realistically expect to get on-stage LCS experience?

I think I drew the jackpot having Maxlore as my mentor. He is by far the best teacher you could ask for as a Rookie. Beyond his insane in-game knowledge he is also super nice as a person. He has been really supportive ever since I arrived in the house and regularly includes me in discussions in/outside of the game. I watch every scrim game sitting behind him to get a better understanding of how to be a good in-game leader/ understanding his decision making. He asks me for feedback after games and I do the same when I get to play. It’s only been 1 ½ weeks but I feel like I learned more from him than any coach could ever teach me. I think onstage experience completely depends on how the split goes for us. I don’t have any expectations because this experience of having the same environment and getting regular scrim experience is more than enough for me but maybe if we start the split 14-0 I will get some games towards the end of the split!

What are your personal expectations for the upcoming Split?

To be honest I don’t really have any expectations whatsoever. I told myself that this is the best chance I will get when it comes to league so I try to grasp it and make the most out of it. Sure, getting stage games would be really insane because it would give me not only a confidence boost but also so much valuable experience, but it’s far from necessary.

What are your thoughts on the 8.10 Jungle Changes, now that you’ve been able to play with them for two weeks? Was the outcry justified?

I think the public conception was a bit over the top. Sure, jungle got nerfed but not to the point where it’s unplayable. It’s just less of a “okay I just afk farm and 1v9 after 25m” and more of a team reliant role now. I think in competitive it’s maybe even better? Just in soloq it feels really frustrating sometimes being forced to give up all crabs because your other lanes are not the best at their position.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Misfits fans?

I want to thank every single fan that supports me. I got a lot of positive messages after my announcement and I was smiling reading every single one of them, even if I didn’t answer! I hope that I can show why Misfits chose me for this position in the upcoming months and hope I don’t disappoint in any way.

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