Mickey – “In Korea, it’s always practice, practice, practice, but here it feels very comfortable .”

I got to interview Son “Mickey” Young-min after his win over Cloud9 and his former organization and Spring Split Champions, Team Liquid. Golden Guardians started off the season strong with a 2-1 record in their first three games, but have since fallen down in the standings. With their week 4 games against Clutch and the recently broken up 100 Thieves, they will aim to win and climb back up in the standings.

Golden Guardians started the season off strong this year – you beat your former team and Cloud9 right off the bat! While you weren’t with Golden Guardians at the time, they had a pretty rough first split. How would you say the morale is now with a better start for you guys? 

I think the team atmosphere is always good. We beat 2 strong teams, so I think it will be even better moving forward.

Was it weird playing against your former team? Did you feel like you had an advantage knowing them and their playstyles that you could transfer over to the rest of Golden Guardians? 

Even though I was on TL, I was on TL Academy, so I didn’t know what TL was doing and therefore I feel like it didn’t help a lot, but I do know the team propensity, so yes it did help a little.

How does it feel to be back on the main stage in LCS after a break in Academy?

I’m really happy to be back at LCS where fans can watch my games easily.

You started your career in China and then Korea, and now you have been on two NA teams. What is the biggest difference in practice, structure, and the way the game is played here compared to where you began?

In America, I feel like there’s a structured lifestyle. Like working a regular job, people work out, and systematically have a lot of time to relax, but in Korea, it’s always practice, practice, practice so I thought that there were no feelings of hardships here but here, things are more systematic, so it feels very comfortable living day to day.

What is the hope for you and GG this year? It will be a tough run for Worlds, but I know that’s usually everyone’s goal. Is that what you are shooting for or are you thinking more long-term?

I think it’s hard to plan slowly because I’m getting older. No matter what team I go to, going to Worlds will always be my goal, so it’ll be good if we can make it to Worlds this year, but I’m currently aiming for playoffs.

Best of luck on the journey, you aren’t too old yet! 😉

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