Meteos will post a video later today, talking about his situation: “There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation regarding myself that I’d like to address”

The NA LCS drama surrounding veteran player Meteos and his now former team 100 Thieves seems to have reached its peak: The player will soon produce a video, voicing his perspective about the matter.

This announcement came shortly after his former team 100 Thieves put out a statement regarding the past days. In it, the team said that the decision to trade Meteos was mutual between the team and the player:

“After discussing with Meteos, our players, and our coaching staff, we decided a roster move would benefit everyone and that the best path forward would be trading Meteos for a different jungler.”

The complete statement can be found here:

From Week 4 and onwards, former Flyquest Academy Jungler Anda will be the starting Jungler for 100 Thieves. Additionally, former 100 Thieves Academy Jungler Levi will step in for the team during Rift Rivals.

The video will most likely be posted to Meteos’ Youtube Channel. We will update this story when the video will be released.

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