Meteos about similarities of Hai and Aphromoo: “It doesn’t feel like you’re being ordered around, it’s more like you’re being given directions.”

100 Thieves are stealing wins and breaking expectations as they climb to the top of the standings and prove their doubters wrong after an incredible win against Cloud 9 during Week 6.

Izento shared some memes with William “Meteos” Hartman about Skarner, QSS being in the AP build path and the difference in playing with Aphromoo and Hai.

That game against Cloud 9 was quite fast. What was different about your team today than in the past?

The last couple weeks of practice, we’ve just been practicing better. We’re talking more about how everyone wants to play and trying to get everyone on the same page. Everyone was playing super well and C9 made a lot of mistakes that we were able to punish.

You got an early lane gank in the bot lane, but otherwise you were heavily farm focused. Is this the most optimal way to play Skarner?

Most of jungle is very vision-oriented. A lot of it is just trying to hold a line of control wards and tracking where the enemy jungler is. Usually ganks are going to be opportunity based, because if the other jungler is doing a good job of tracking me, it’s rare that we’re just going to be able to show up and kill someone. That game I went for a gank on mid but Jensen was respecting it and he didn’t let himself die.

Jungling is mostly clearing camps so that you can keep pace with levels and if you give up too many camps because you’re looking for ganks, then you’ll fall behind. Other than that, it’s about looking for vision and helping your team pressure.

One reason to pick Skarner is the item advantage he gives his team. Do you think QSS should have an AP item build path?

I think it’s hard to say. When there are ults in the game such as Malzahar’s or Skarner’s, having an AP QSS could be a good thing. At the same time, QSS works well against so many other types of CC, so if you have QSS be an easy item for anyone to pick up, then you’ll just have these really boring games where it’s just like, “hey, this guy just walked in blind to us and we hit all of our CC but he just got out because everyone has a QSS”. I would prefer the oppressive abilities that require a QSS get nerfed.

How are you liking the 8.4 patch?

I’ve been having a good time on 8.4. There’s no Trackers Knife, but I guess solo queue really isn’t that different. I think competitive will be different though. A lot of times in solo queue you just want to get red smite for dueling.

I tried some of the AP items and some of them are cool. The game doesn’t feel that much different.

I also tried Rengar and he feels worse. One of the things that made him good before was that he could instant-kill the raptors with his Q, but now you can’t really do that unless you get something like a Tiamat.

I was trying out Fiddlesticks too since he got buffed.

Alot of changes were good, but I don’t think it’s going to shake up the game a lot.

Do you find it difficult to play solo queue on such a large patch and then going to competitive and playing on an old patch?

It can be pretty weird. Jungling in solo queue is much more different than a competitive game. Generally, in competitive it’s rare for one person in the game to get insanely fed. The item builds and the decisions you make are going to be based around each role on each team being relatively equal in strength. You might get some advantage if you get a gank, but it’s not going to be crazy like in solo queue where you can invade and place all your vision down, take all his camps and he walks through my wards and double kills my bot lane four times regardless of the vision. I’m just like, wtf…

So, it’s always going to be different between the two environments, especially if there’s a big champion nerf. Say if I’m trying to play the pre-nerfed Sejuani, she was stronger because her Q was on a shorter cooldown, so that can be annoying, but I’m usually able to differentiate between solo queue and competitive.

You’ve played with both of the most well-known shotcallers in the league, in Hai and Aphromoo. What are the similarities and difference between their decision making?

Hai and Aphromoo are both really good leaders. It’s evident that they both care about their teammates and they’re confident in their decisions and can be assertive when they need to be. It doesn’t feel like you’re being ordered around, it’s more like you’re being given directions. In that regard, I think they’re similar.

As far as differences, they’re different people obviously. I think Aphromoo is more introverted and Hai is extroverted. Aphromoo is more laid back whereas Hai is outgoing and wants to go out and do things. I liked working with Hai back in the day and I currently enjoy working with Aphromoo. They’re both good players.

When people were looking at all the teams in the beginning of the split, it was pointed out that 100 Thieves have a lot of veterans, so there might be too many large voices trying to call for things. Do you think that sort of criticism is justified or currently accurate?

To me it didn’t feel like we had any big egos that were unwilling to compromise. I think it’s more just the case that we’re used to our own ways of doing things and so it can be hard for all of us to get on the same page, especially with a language barrier. Ryu’s English is pretty proficient and Ssumday’s is not on his level yet. So sometimes we won’t be sure if he’s understanding the same thing we’re talking about, but it’s not that big of a deal. They’re both nice guys, but it’s definitely taken us some time to all mesh together. Every week it feels like we’re getting better and this week I was happy with our practice because I thought we were playing well as a team. I think that being veterans isn’t that big of a deal because I think careers in esports are going to be longer than previous because it’s an actual career you can shoot for now. I think we’ll all be playing for a while.

Is KDA King Meteos back?

Nah, that’s more of a Season 3 thing (laughs). I just want to be a good teammate.


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