Meteos will join the NA LCS Analyst Desk

Meteos will join the analyst desk for the first day of week 5 of the North American LCS, he announced in a tweet. The Jungler has previously been traded to FlyQuest by his former team 100 Thieves. However, FlyQuest did not plan to field Meteos in the LCS and assigned him to the academy team. Meteos openly expressed his discontent and said he doesn’t feel like that’s the way he wants to pursue his career. In a video about the situation he said that playing in the LCS is always his first choice but if there shouldn’t be any available spot for him to play, he will stream and create other content. After roughly two weeks it seems like he’s found another path to get himself out there, participating in the NA LCS.

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Alexander Hugo

Alexander studied Media and Communication Management in Berlin and London with additional two years of legal studies in Osnabrück, Germany. The Shotcaller is his second esports related project after founding PENTA Sports in 2014.

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