Memento talks about Schalke’s chances in Playoffs, what playing in the German Leagues was like, and his necklace he got from a fan

Memento has had a difficult season; after a up-and-down Spring Split, Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi played with Schalke’s Academy team in the German League, rather than for the main roster in the LEC. For Playoffs, a hopeful Memento returned to the team for additional support and talks about the team’s chances in Athens, German infrastructure, and the kindness of Schalke fans.

So today you played a best of five series against Vitality. You watched the games behind the stage listening to the comms. How did you experience the games and how did it go for Schalke?

I knew from the beginning that we would never lose against Vitality. I just think our playstyle is matching them so well that they don’t even have a chance. I think our team doesn’t really make that many mistakes and they know how to play the game properly, while Vitality kind of relies on random cheeses or trying to get advantages by random fights. I also think we have a better team in general, mechanically and also in team fighting.

Did you predict the series to end 3-1, or did you think you would go out with a 3-0?

I actually predicted 3-1 in the beginning, but after I saw the first two games I was like “okay this is going to be a 3-0”. But I just thought we would win, honestly.

Which player do you think showed up the most today?

Abbedagge for sure. He’s a rookie and just started playing in LEC last split, and the growth he has made this split is pretty insane. Considering it was his first playoff game, when I heard the comms backstage, he was so calm and collected and still so aggressive at the same time. He wasn’t scared to play and I think he was the player of the series, for me at least. Upset played really insane too, but considering it’s Abbedagge’s first playoff appearance, it has to be him.

How do you feel about being the first team to actually win against a Garen/Yuumi botlane in the LEC?

Is that a true statistic? That’s pretty cool I guess. We had a lot of success in scrims versus Garen/Yuumi, so we weren’t really that frightened about it. Sure it’s a bit of a cheese and we kind of messed it up around bot lane early game, but in the end Garen/Yuumi becomes very useless, cause Rakan is able to roam and Kai’Sa just gets solo XP, while Yuumi literally has to sit on the Garen and share XP the entire game.

So what might have gone wrong with the other teams losing to Garen/Yuumi then?

I think it was just gameplay overall, not Garen/Yuumi specifically. Also there’s a lot of inexperience versus Garen/Yuumi, cause they don’t expect how tanky it is and how much damage it can deal, and they don’t really understand it that much. I just think we had a good understanding and good practice for it, so it wasn’t too hard to play against that.

You are the 6th man of the LEC roster (jungle substitute), how does it feel for you to not play yourself? Do you have the feeling like you want to go on stage and play or are you fine with sitting backstage watching the game?

I’m fine with both, whatever is best for the team honestly. I don’t feel that selfish that I have to play all the time. I don’t get upset over it, I’m just really happy for the team that they are able to perform so well. And I’m also learning so much from just watching them. So, I’m alright with it, but obviously I would love to play, you know.

Do you talk a lot to Trick about matchups, jungle pathing etc.?

Yeah I do, we started talking a lot. He’s a really nice guy and teaches me as well. We started to bounce off ideas and see what is best. It’s really nice to have him around.

Do you all live together in one gaming house (Academy and LEC team)?

I live with the LEC team from last split. The Academy team lives in another house. But everyone plays at the same office. Anyone from the Academy team can always just come and check the main team’s scrims or just be a part of the discussions. It’s a really healthy environment.

What are the differences from the LEC team to the Academy team? Do you take different roles in each team?

I think the Academy team is just absolutely terrible, from the level of play, just the Academy league in general. But it’s not really on them to blame. I think it’s just very comfortable to play in the Academy so you don’t have much drive to become the best or tryhard for your life. Back when I played it was only Challenger Series and LEC, and if you didn’t make those you were kind of jobless, but now there are so many jobs to fill up. I just think a lot of people are very comfortable, but obviously I can’t speak for everyone, maybe there are Academy teams who are tryharding for their lives and are trying to become the best you know? But that was just my experience with the Academy team.

Next week you will be facing Rogue. They won against Splyce yesterday. Did you expect that or was it a big surprise for you?

I definitely didn’t expect it. I kind of thought that Splyce would be able to 3-1 them or 3-2 at the worst case, but it looked like Splyce was having a rough time, even over the last two weeks. It could be that they’re burning out from the lot of the hard work. You know, sometimes you just have these two weeks where everything just goes to shit and you just feel like shit and something is not clicking. I think they are unfortunately having it at the worst time possible. Rogue on the other hand is now starting to step up and become relevant. Sucks for Splyce.

How do you think you’re going to go vs Rogue next week?

I like our odds vs them. They’re a similar team to us, they also play very coordinated. I think their solo laners are extremely talented, considering how little they have played. But I think if we target them they will not be able to do as much as they want to. I just think it’s a pretty good matchup for us, should be a 3-1 I’d say.

So then you would go to Athens to face either G2 or Fnatic. Who do you think will win the split after all?

I guess G2 will win the entire split if I’m being honest. But I don’t think they’re going to just roll over our team and that we’re an easy opponent. I think G2 are extremely good, but I won’t have seen them play for two weeks then, and there was a new patch recently. So, it will be really interesting to see how they play next week. 

Talking about other LEC teams, who do you think will make it to Worlds?

G2 is already locked in, so I’m hoping it’s G2, Fnatic, Schalke. It all depends on next week to see who will make it to Worlds. I don’t know, maybe Origen has been taking steroids or something and they’re insane now. I kind of forgot about OG because they didn’t make Playoffs, but we’ll see them in the regional qualifiers. It’s nice that they made finals in spring, so that kind of pays off for them now.

You were playing with the Academy team, are you happy how the split came out? Are you satisfied with your performance?

Not really, I think it was really shit. The players and everyone had a really good opportunity to grow as a team, but there were some issues with becoming complacent, because we won everything. When I first started playing with them we won every single thing, so we didn’t put in the effort to become a really good team. We got punished for it in the end. We made finals and got second place, but it was still a disappointment for me, honestly. I mean, I had really high expectations for it, and for the guys it was kind of a good split. Cause in spring split they were in the second German league and were struggling in it and it was really hard, but then in summer they all improved a lot more. So, it’s a win for them, but for me it’s just like, if I don’t win everything there’s just no point kind of.

How do you see your chances to get back into LEC next year?

It depends, I’m not sure. I think I have decent chances, but it’s all dependent on me and how much I play. I don’t really have any expectations. I just like to live day by day and see how it goes. I want to focus on the finals now, and I don’t want to think “will I make it next year?” all the time. I rather just take everything as it comes. I just want to do my best and prove myself, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Is there anything you want to say to the Schalke fans?

Yes, actually I got this little necklace from a very nice fan which has my face on it. Her name is MissNeko, so thank you so much for making this, I really appreciate it. The Schalke fans are really amazing, I didn’t receive anything but support. They’re really nice in general. So thanks for supporting us and I hope you keep supporting me and the team whether I play or not.

Memento showing his necklace he got from MissNeeko

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