Snake Esports’ Current Gaming House Looks Ridiculously Luxurious

We all know that the Chinese LPL teams have a lot of money flying around. After all, EDG’s gaming house is gigantic, whereas OMG’s training facility pictured below almost looks more like a Bond villain’s hide-out, rather than an area for professional esports players:

OMG Gaming House

With all of these facilities following a very modern, futuristic design, Snake Esports’ new gaming house went with a different path. Ran Yao, a writer for , has captured their private areas which look like bedrooms belonging to royalty – including a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The gallery starts off with what is seemingly a small conference room designed for one on one talks, followed by a bedroom and a general chill-out area straight out of the 18th century.

Given that Snake Esports wasn’t one of the successful Chinese teams as of late, this comes especially surprising. According to Ran, the location is currently rented so it remains to be seen whether Snake Esports will move into these facilities full time.

In comparison to gaming houses of the West, this seems a bit over the top to many. While the team houses of the likes of TSM or Fnatic seem rather expensive as well, they don’t seem to follow a strict design trend like their Chinese equivalents.


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Darius Matuschak

Darius is an esports journalist trying to nurture esports culture whenever possible. He got into esports while finishing his Bachelor in Journalism, and has been a regular EU LCS attendee since January 2017.

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