LirA, Apollo, and Hakuho return to LCS starting roster for Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming will sub back in LirA, Apollo, and Hakuho for week 7 of the NA LCS. Following a roster change to three Academy players in Week 6, Clutch Gaming had their 2nd 0-2 weekend in a row. With playoffs on the line, and therefore their shot at making it to Worlds, Clutch has returned to their original roster.


In response to criticism last weekend, Clutch Gaming’s Vice President of Esports, Sebastian Park, told The Shotcaller that after going 1-3 over two weeks, they “needed to make a call” and “it was the right decision to make given the information we had at the time.” Despite yet another 0-2 week, he showed resilience and confidence. “When teams have their backs against the wall, they have to do something to get back in there. I think we can do it.”

Provided by LoL Esports Flickr

LirA, Apollo, and Hakuho went 2-0 in Academy last week. Will they bring momentum with them to the LCS stage? Clutch faces off against Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming this weekend.

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